Nepal,India to Bhutan 2010

Just another landslide (Bhutan)

In November 2010 I did a motor bike trip with “Asian Experiences” from Nepal to Bhutan. There were seven of us, me (nicknamed G1)  Another Geoff (G2) ,Gordon, Kevin, Peter, Greg and Lyn, plus our leader, Helen and our Indian mechanic Arshad. We travelled on 500cc Royal Enfield Bullets.

Our trip took us from Kathmandu in Nepal through Darjeeling in India to Bhutan and then to Calcutta. It was a fantastic trip, lots of fun, great group and wonderful scenery. We met some fantastic  people and of course we all have wonderful  memories. In just three weeks, all of us from all different walks of life  became great friends.

Mt Everest

The Lucky Group



Toy train of Darjeeling

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