Planning begins for South America 2011

John and I agree that too much planning is to be avoided at all costs! The whole idea is to let it all happen….. We will, of course have a general idea of where we are going and when we need to be in Santiago (otherwise I would have a very angry family on 5th february if I’m not there!)

Generally, we have no intention of organising anything in advance if that can be avoided. We simply don’t know how long we will want to stay in a place and expect to find the unexpected.

Some things however have to be organised.

We are intending to sea freight the bikes to Argentina. Air freight would cost us over $6000! The trouble with sea freight however is the length of time it takes and we hear horror stories of bikes arriving late or not at all!

Currently (July 2011) our best information is that it will cost us about $500 in freight charges and possibly $1300 in landing charges in Buenos Aires! Still better than air freight but the landing costs are absurd! We hope the bikes arrive around the time that we do…its a wish and a prayer though!

I am taking Spanish lessons. Amazingly my virtually non existent school French seems to come back before my newly learnt Spanish words! I realise just how bad I am at languages.  (I think I am legendary in achieving MINUS 14 % in my Latin exams at school!)

I am also learning some basic mechanics…how to fix a puncture and what do I do if the bike stops and I’m 200 kms from the nearest town in the mountains! My Kawasaki dealer is being terrific and is letting me “help out” in the workshop!

Servicing Azulo with the Kawasaki mechanic

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