South America 2011 – The proposed trip

On December 3rd I fly to Buenos Aires. I was originally travelling alone but recently I met John Crowe who amazingly is travelling to South America on his bike at the same time. We’re now travelling together ..which is great.

Firstly we ride to Patagonia. We will probably spend Christmas there. We then head north through the Chile lakes to Santiago. Merry meets me there on 20 January. We will have a three week holiday together. John rides north to Quito where he meets his wife and they fly off to the Galapagos. 

Merry and I will see some of Chile together before flying to Buenos Aires (I will, of course, be an expert on BA by then!) After that we fly to Iguasso falls and Rio. Merryflys home on 8th February

I then ride north to Quito, where I hope to find John! We then continue north through Colombia. We take a boat accross the Derien Peninsula to Panama. We ride through Central America and Mexico to USA. My trip will end in LA or San Francisco in late April or early May. 

My trusty steed is a Kawasaki KLR 650. I call her AZULO since she is a vivid blue. John’s bike is a BMW F650 and is a brilliant red, hence he has christened his bike ROJO. 

AZULO and ROJO are destined to becoming grest mates!

Please send me comments through this blog or emails to  It will be lonely out there and your comments will be greatly appreciated and i will try and respond!

Geoff on his trusty steed "AZULO"

Geoff with his newly found travelling mate John Crowe

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