The Bikes are packed and on their way!

    Azulo and Rojo were packed at my house in their BMW crates, courtesy of BMW on 13th October. Off they went on 17th. Now they are somewhere on the Ocean heading for Singapore where they get loaded onto another ship heading for Buenos Aires. The bikes arrive (we hope) on 28th Novemmber. John and i arrive on 3rd December. It’s gertting exciting!  


God speed Azulo and Rojo

8 thoughts on “The Bikes are packed and on their way!

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  2. Hey Geoff – Poulter took out the Masters and an eagle on the 1st Hole – following in your footsteps!! Looks great fun. Keep on riding. Sam and Arte are following the little bike on the map. Stay Safe Over! Giles

    • Thanks Giles. I’ll try and find something interesting for Sam and Art
      Love to you all. Ill be in Ushuaia for Xmas. I’ll miss the family terriblb

  3. Electric Lead Problems? I seem to remember that problem on a bike we took up to Gembrook!!!
    Keep up the reporting – following every move! All the very best
    Wendy & Alan

    • Yes you’re right! Wasn’t that a long time ago now. Did I tell you were coming to UK in late August.Staying in London for few days. Great if we could see you all
      Glad you like blog!

  4. Well done G1, can I come? I wish I wish I wish I was instead of being stuck in work. Don’t forget to tie you passport around your neck and trust no one.
    Have a great safe trip G1, I will keep watching.


  5. Congratulations on the bike dispatch – you’re now committed! I’m sure the next month will both drag and fly by. Good luck with all the final preparations. All the best,

    Martin (currently in Norway and feeling the time left on my trip unfortunately too quickly counting down)

    • Hi Martin
      Cant believe your’re nearly finished.What a great ride. Well done. Maybe i’ll do it next year! Yes. Im off this saturday 3rd. back 7th May I guess with luck we’ll meet again at the next HU meeting?


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