Chilling out in Buenos Aires and Colonia

We pick up the bikes (we hope) tomorrow (Monday 13th) so we will have had 10 days here. Once over the drama of customs we have been able to do some sightseeing. I think I’m an expert now and I really like it here.


The Market Ricoleta

Painted corrugated iron houses in La Boca

Poor Perro...I wonder if he got the meat!

She really wanted to dance with me!

The city has many aspects…La Boca is a colourful ex-working class area where they have painted the corrogated iron which make up the walls of the houses. There are markets and Tango shows and all sorts of things going on. San Telmo nearby has a greaty market on sundays. Recoleta is a swanky suburb near the city which is a great place to stay and also has craft markets and an amazing Mausoleum where Evita is buried . There is a “docklands” area called Puerto Madero which is like most renovated docklands areas.

We went to a restaurant called ” SIGA  LA VACA” (Follow the Cow) one night. Amazing! It seats at least 2000 and for $30.00 you can eat as much meat and salad as you like…Included in the $30.00 is a bottle of wine and a dessert. There is a massive BBQ with every conceivable type and cut of meat on it!

The area I love is Palermo Soho and Belgrano. They are lovely suburbs a few kilometers out of the city. Great restaurants and lovely tree lined streets. The city centre is bustling and hectic. There is a 16 lane road that cuts straight though the middle with the Obelisk in the middle… that appears in all the travel brochures.

I bought a lovely little painting of La Boca for $10 from this lady

There are lots of lovely squares in the city. The main square is Placa De Mayo and the Rosario is the Government House. It’s all a bit run down which is a pity. This is where Evita used to rally the crowd.

Placa De Mayo

Placa De Mayo and the Rosario

The people are generally friendly….

although we find the service is variable (as everywhere I suppose) ranging from charming to curt and rude. The wine is great…an OK bottle of  Malbec (their main red variety) costs around $15 in an average restaurant. They are great meat eaters and the “Parriella” which I think is basically a roasted plate of meat is huge and enough to feed half of the Roman Army. They often just have a great plate of meat…no salad or vegetables, just this enormous plate of meat!

We visited Colonia in Uruguay yesterday. It is a 60 minute ferry ride from BA. It is a quiet and pretty little place but frankly I expected more having read the brochures and even having seen a TV documentary on it.


Just to show i was in Uruguay

Lots of old cars in Colonia. This one a Vauxhall

So, tomorrow we pick up the bikes. We will buy Diego a good dinner as a thank-you. Then …Gentlemen, start your engines!

Karen…If you read this…are there enough pictures now!


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