Learning fast!

The roads are good but it’s basically hundreds of kilometers of flat Pampas.

Riding through the Pampas

We have now arrived at Peninsula Valdes which is a wildlife National Park. Here at certain times of the year the Orcas come in close to the shore and kill the baby seals. Luckily we will not see this bloodthirsty event as its the wrong time of year. We should see lots of penguins, seal and other wildlife as well as interesting scenery.

We will stay here three nights for some R & R

Yesterday my bike played up. The battery terminals came loose. The “boys” at the warehouse had incorrectly attached the battery connections whilst I was frantically searching for THE part!.

Fixing my bike

We stoppped at St Antonio de Oeste to get it fixed. We stopped by a hardware shop and a lady asked us what the problem was. Somehow she understood our feeble Spanish. She got on the phone and five minutes later a young guy arrived on a bike. Within minutes there was host of helpers! Whilst I could easily have fixed it myself they insisted on doing it for me and wouldn’t accept payment! ….Lots of fun. They are such happy and lovely people

Instead, I gave them one of the little toy kangaroos I bought as give aways. They were delighted. They insisted I send the photo!

My team of helpers

Yesterday we learnt THREE more lessons!

Firstly, we cannot do the distances we expect in the time. We expected to arrive at PUERTO PIRAMIDES on the Valdes Peninsula at 4.00pm. We rode in exhausted at 8.00pm (still daylight). Not good. We wont do that again

Secondly, dont expect there to be money in the bank!…Believe it or not THREE banks John ┬átried to get money from were empty

Thirdly, don’t expect the Petrol Stations to have Petrol! We got caught yesterday. Luckily we eventually found one with Petrol (we visited 3 empty petrol stations before we found one with petrol. This is a BIG worry for later where the petrol stations are sometimes 250 Ks apart!

One other little incident yesterday…I’m using my British passport because with the Australian passport there is an entry tax of $100 in Argentina and Chile. Well….we were stopped by the Police yesterday. A very smart older Policeman came up to me, demanded to see my passport. looked at it and said something about the MALVINAS….I have NO IDEA what he said, but hoped I wasn’t going to get locked up in the gulag!

Anyway he smiled and let us through! I wonder what he DID ACTUALLY SAY!

Azulo and Roho having some R & R at The Paradise Hotel

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