5th January – Quick update

Yesterday, poor Azulo had to lug an extra 27 liters of petrol to ensure we made the distance. We bought water bottles to put petrol in, (no petrol cans were available)  Angelo at our hotel also gave us a couple of 5 liter cans.

Extra petrol to get us to Bajo Caricolas

We set off at six am, aiming to cover the 500kms to Bajo Caracollas.

Poor Azulo with his big load of petrol!

Alberto was a fantistic help

Alberto our Hotel manager was fantastic. he phoned all the petrol stations within 500 kms (actually there are only 3) and booked us a room at the Bajo Caricolas Hotel. Bajo caricolas consists of a hotel (described by Lonely Planet as a wayside flop house) and a petrol station!

Anyway, we didn’t make it!

The road is bad “ripio”. They are building a new road and the current one would insult any self respecting goat!

It is so frustrating bouncing around on the gravel whilst there is a beautiful tarmac road meters away!

We also went the wrong way at one point.

To put it in perspective this place is desolate and almost uninhibited…not unlike remote Australia

We realised something was not quite right and eventually a pick up truck arrived and assured us we were on the right road ( Ruta 40)

Luckily a second car came by (traffic here is rare.It is incredibly remote) The people in this truck spoke perfect Engilsh and told us we were on the wrong road! They escorted us to the right road.

Another lesson learn’t?

We stayed at a the only little town en route called Govenadore Gregore …the name is bigger than the town

Another 5 am wake up to beat the wind and heat !

Good progress until John got our first puncture. He fixed it quickly and we reached Perito Marino where we are tonight. I also had some issues.My luggage rack snapped and I had to find a welder…
(Rod,where were you!) I found a place and an old boy who did a beautiful job for me for $8.00

Our petrol woes should be over now as we are getting into semi popu
ated areas now!

Yes dispute all the issues I really am enjoying the trip! It’s got a bit of everything!….well…not quite everything!

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