3-4 February- Parity, Brazil

Have you ever swum in sea that is actually hot, not just luke warm?

We did, in Parity, (which is about 250 Kms south of Rio)…. NO EXAGGERATION, it must have been over 25 degrees!

Parity lies in the most beautiful bay with many Islands  and high hills behind the town. The water is very shallow in places and it is HOT here…. hence the hot sea water. Once out in the Bay the water is a perfect temperature.

It is an amazing place.


Originally a major Portuguese Port that shipped huge quantities of gold and diamonds to Portugal. It was only linked by road as recently as 1973….. and so it is a time warp.


There are beautiful, brightly coloured Colonial buildings that are all perfectly preserved in lovely streets. The streets have the most enormous cobble stones that came from Portugal as ballast.

Parity - Brazil

The Harbour is full of brightly coloures boats that take you out to the islands to swim and eat and snorkel for the day. Naturally we did that.

Harbour,Parity from our boat

Islands,coves and beaches around Parity. Reminds me of Whitsundays, Qld. Very beautiful

Buccaneer Bransbury..Couldn't find a parrot or cutlass!

If you ever visit Brazil, try and visit Parity. It has a big star of approval from us!

Tomorrow is our last stop…RIO. After that, I fly back to Chile and Merry flies home.

Then, no more fancy hotels or meals for a while for me! Ill have to toughen up again as I’m fast becoming an old softie!

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