4th -7th February – Rio

Rio is a place I had always wanted to see…Beautiful setting, lovely beaches and gorgeous bronzed girls…like the “girl from Ipanema”…

Well…what can I say!

The setting is absolutely fantastic. This must be the most scenic City in the world. The photo’s don’t lie!

Rio and Sugar Loaf from Christ the Redeemer

We took a City tour which is essential. Luckily it was Sunday so the traffic wasn’t too bad (weekdays it’s impossible)

Christ the Redeemer

First we took the tram up to “Christ the Redeemer”. It’s HUGE and the view is stunning.

Christ, the Redeemer

Next the cable car to Sugar Loaf Mountain…Equally stunning.

Cable Car to Sugar Loaf - Fast and effieient


"Urca" from Sugar Loaf

Then everywhere else. There are many beautiful places to see.

"Two Brothers" from Ipanema Beach at sunset

Rio's Modern Cathedral

By 4.00pm we were dropping in the heat and looking forward to the beach!

Finally we made the Beach….. It was the weekend…..

Ipanema Beach on weekend

The beach was a seething mass of humanity. Bodies were packed like sardines under umbrellas. The streets all around were packed. People everywhere. The beaches are big. Copacabana is 4 kms long and 200 metres wide so there must have been hundreds of thousands of people there……. We couldn’t believe it…… Like 3-4 MCG crowds on Grand Final day!

Crowds in the street on the weekend

……But where was the “girl from Ipanema???” (and her friends???) Nowhere to be seen!

The percentage of males to females on the beach must have been close to 2 – 1. Not a good ratio!

No, the beach on the weekend wasn’t for us!

We found a pre-Carnival Parade which was great fun. Lots of amazing costumes and everybody joins in and jigs along behind. It lasts for hours!

Pre-Carnival Parade - Ipanema

Monday arrived and we thought we would have another look at the beach. Amazing! It was virtually empty!

Copacabana Beach on Monday!

It’s completely different on weekdays. The whole atmosphere had changed. The beach was beautiful and empty! However….still no “girls from Ipanema” though, so that was a GREAT pity

Merry and I spent a few hours relaxing on the beach. It’s very hot here at this time of the year…35 degrees and above so it’s the best place to be

In the evening we found some fantastic but expensive restaurants. Hang the expense! It’s back on the bike soon so enjoy!!

So, sadly our lovely holiday is at an end.

Merry fly’s home today. I return to Chile to pick up Azulo then off we go up to the Atacama Desert!






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