13-14 February – San Pedro De Atacama

Am I mistaken or isn’t the Atacama Desert meant to be the driest desert in the world?

Well…..It’s pouring with rain here in San Pedro De ATACAMA….. and everything is closed!

San Pedro De Atacama

My Hostel is interesting!

Azulo's new accommodation...Not happy!

Actually it’s really nice.  The people are nice and the people in the Hostel are friendly and easy going. Needless to say, I’m by far the oldest but no matter! i have quite a flash room, believe it or not!

Given that everything is closed I have been looking at my options. Going through Bolivia with the rain and ripio is not very enticing so I will go north through Chile to Arica and into Peru that way.

The only thing to do here is a trip into Bolivia…So, I’m taking a 4 wheel drive trip with 5 others  for 4 days starting tomorrow (15th)  All expenses paid for $200.00. The main thing to see is the amazing “Salar De Uyuni”.

It looks a fairly tough and basic trip……..up at the crack of dawn…basic shared accommodation, no hot water! …..Giles, if you read this, I’ve toughened up after my holiday with Merry!

The Hostel has kindly agreed to allow me to leave Azulo here for no cost. i will spend another night here on my return on Saturday

Anyway, I will be off the air for at least four days, maybe more…….But, I hope you will be in for a treat with some great photos later!…



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