11 – 16 March – Drama in Quito

I’m sorry for the delay since my last post but I have had a very difficult time since the last post.

I’ll give a quick explanation of the dramas and then talk about some of the good things!

As you may remember, John has been sick in Peru and it keeps recurring. He has had enough and  decided to end his trip here, and ship his bike home

I decided to stay and help.

It took best on three days and lots of frustration but eventually we waved goodbye to Rojo!

Rojo's last ride in South America

Bye Bye Rojo

John was set to leave for Atlanta and we decided to have a good last meal together

It was about 7.30 and we were leaving MARISCAL FOCH PLAZA which is the square here where there are heaps of  bars etc. We walked about 100 yards from the Plaza down a well lit and busy street….. and suddenly we were robbed!

John lost everything. These guys came from nowhere and slashed the bag from his shoulders. He lost his passport, all his credit cards and most of his cash!

I was lucky. I felt this hand in my pocket and within the blink of an eye my glasses, (all of $2.00 and very scratched!) my mobile and a small amount of cash were gone. I wear my wallet on a string around my neck under my shirt. They didn’t see that! (I don’t carry my Passport or much money now!)

The next four days has been spent sorting out poor John’s dilemma.

It is a saga and I will describe it in more detail in a separate page  when I get time and am less emotional about the whole thing (look at the contents on the right of the screen) It may not be done for awhile though

Briefly, Australians in Ecuador are “supported” via the Canadian Consulate as Australia has no direct Embassy in Ecuador.

When we visited the Canadian Consulate, John was told that he would have to fly to Lima or Santiago where there is an Australian Embassy and where he could get a Temporary Passport. All the Canadians were authorised to do was organise a Travel Document for that journey.

John, remember had NO credit cards and no money but it was up to him to pay the $1000 + air ticket. No finacial advances were “possible”

WHAT A JOKE! The story goes on and on so I will not bore you here.

Those of you who are in Beaumaris Probus may remember Rod Murrell’s amazing 10 minute talk about “an Insurance Company”and the absurdities he and Ros endured. Rod, if you read this I will match your talk on this situation in a 10 minute talk to Probus on my return!

Anyway, we eventually got the document today, Friday and John is flying to Santiago to get a temporary passport. He then flies back to Australia (as the USA won’t accept Temporary passports as a valid entry document!).

Frankly, I am bitterly disappointed and very annoyed in the lack of support for Aussies here. We naively feel our government helps it’s citizens in trouble overseas…Not in Ecuador if you’re an Aussie!

Now for a few more positive things this week

Firstly our Hostel…Posada Tambuca. It is a family run little place in Mariscal. It is inexpensive and delightful. There is lots of space, a garden, great breakfast, clean rooms etc.

Timeout in Posada Tambuca

Yolanda, the owner was so sweet to us. She fussed over us and helped in every way she could. She almost cried when we told her of John’s dilemma.

Yolanda, Owner of Posada Tambuca...So helpful and kind

Yolanda’s sons, Carlos and Ceaser and staff, Mariana were all terrific. We can’t thank them enough but we have done a great review for them on “Trip Adviser”

Yolanda and Mariana in Posada Tambuca

Next, Horizons Unlimited…The Motorbike web site. I put out an SOS to the Quito HU Community and the emails ran wild. Everyone wanted to help. We met a few of them in the Plaza (Mariscal Foch) and had a right old time…All us “Bikers” together.

"AT" and me in the Mariscal Foch Plaza

‘AT” (Pictured, AT is short for Attila) is an American who now lives in Ecuador. He flies Helicopter runs that supply the oil rigs in the Amazon.

He had just come back from California to Quito on his bike…The reverse trip to mine….. so he gave me heaps of information.

He told us of his father, A Hungarian Officer who was in command of the Armory  in Budapest when the Revolution of 1956 took place. He opened the Armory for the people.

Not surprisingly the Russians didn’t like this and he and the family had to flee Hungary

Biker "get together' in Mariscal Foch Plaza

I was talking with an English biker who informed me he was having to go home for his mothers 60th birthday…UGH I’m 67!

Thirdly, I want to thank my Chilean relative and now great friend, Robert Peebles.

I asked him if he could see John OK in Chile. Well…Robert is meeting him off the plane at 05.50 AM tomorrow and has booked him a Hotel and more. Thanks so much Robert

There are so many great people around …It’s such a shame we have to put up with these sewer rats who come out of the drains after dark!

Tomorrow my journey continues into Colombia. Everybody tells me how beautiful it is.

Azulo and I can’t wait to be on the road again!

One last photo which will amuse those who know of my (now sold) Lolly Business….

U- Turn in Quito!




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