Visit to Hacienda Napoles…Ex Drug lord Pablo Escobar’s home

Just in case you’ve forgotten…Pablo Escobar is “The Colombian Godfather”

He built up a huge┬ácocaine racket that, at it’s height in the 1980’s, was shipping half a BILLION DOLLARS of COCAINE A DAY TO USA!

It was claimed by his brother that they spent $2500 per month on rubber bands just to hold the money together!

At one time he was listed as the 7th richest man in the world…. He is linked to over 4000 murders and several bombings etc.

Clearly, he was a top bloke!

He was gunned down in Medellin in 1993.

Hacienda Napoles is a 20 square mile estate about 170 kms from Medellin towards Bogota. I rode there today.

The property is now owned by the State and they are trying to turn it into a theme park. it has a long way to go!

At the entrance there is an airplane on the gate. This plane was used by Escobar himself in the early days of his rise as a drug king!

Pablo Escobar ran Drug runs in this plane then had it put up on the entrance gate!

He also imported illegally all sorts of exotic animals and built huge concrete dinosaurs around the property. He built a private bull ring and had a big collection of cars.

His private Bull Fighting Ring

The House was largely destroyed after his death. The cars were burned but are still on display and most of the animals died. The Hippo’s however survived!

Remains of House

Escobar did a lot to foster a “Robin Hood’ image and gave a lot of money to the poor and built hospitals etc.

Today, his crimes are gradually being “forgotten’ and he is becoming almost a folk hero like Ned Kelly in Australia


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