Getting Azulo ready for his NEXT big adventure!

Time to spruce up Azulo and get him ready for the boat trip to Panama!

First though, I had to get him out of the Hostel and down those steps!

Getting Azulo out of the Hostel (It turned out there was a parking garage opposite!)

That achieved, I set out to get a new tyre and a service. I also had to fix my helmet as the visor had broken off.

I’ve got a technique of dealing with South Americans that seems to work for me…Let me share my secret with you…..It seems (generally) that when presented with a problem to solve (for example…how to fix my visor) the normal response is a shaking head….No possible! (go away)

My response ¬†is now to stand firm, look distraught and wait. It’s amazing. So often I’ve found that when they decide to APPLY their mind to the problem, a solution usually occurs. In the example of my visor it was fixed in no time after this technique was applied!

All that done, my next assignment was to find my meeting place with CAPTAIN GILBERT of the SANTANA ….He wants to meet me at 6.00 AM to load the bike. …..I THINK I found the place….. but I’m not 100% sure….

last nightI had a patchy nights sleep as I didn’t want to oversleep. The next morning at 5.15 I set off.

Needless to say I was early (I’m ALWAYS early…ask Merry!) It took just 10 minutes without the traffic to get to the assigned spot. Police were everywhere.

5.15 AM...Waiting for Capt. Gilbert

5.30 Still waiting!

5.45 Still waiting...Is he going to come? Am I at the right spot?

6.16 Loading Azulo!

Securing Azulo

Eventually at 6.00 am sharp (Captain Gilbert is German!) the Santana arrived at the wharf (it was the right spot!!!)

The Police made a fuss and searched my bags and it looked as if they might prevent me from loading the bike. Eventually though, all was sorted and the agonising process of getting AZULO ON BOARD began.

The picture doesn’t really show how difficult it was. Once I had mounted the ramp, three of us had to LIFT Azulo over the rail and into the boat…all without tipping him into the sea!

Mission however was accomplished and Azulo is safely on the Santana

Ready to Sail!

Colombian Navy at dawn

Azulo and my home for five nights on SANTANA


The trip lasts five days. We sail to the Blass islands and it appears we have a few days on these beautiful Islands. After that we land at a town on the Panama coast (name forgotten at the moment)

Therefore, folks there will not be any blog update till around 8-9 April from Panama City!








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