23 – 25 April, Taxco to Mexico City

The ride from Oaxaca took me past Volcano Popocatepeti which is a wonderful site. Apparently there is talk of an eruption…Not today, I’m pleased to say!

Next stop  the beautiful town of Taxco.

It was a bit of a detour but worth it. Taxco is the most beautiful little place high on a hill with the most magnificent Cathedral.


It’s very European and could easily be in Spain or Portugal.

Taxco used to be a centre for silver but that’s long gone and now it relies on us tourists. It’s only 150kms from Mexico City

Just one night in Taxco then off to Mexico City

En-route I met another biker, Hector, at a service station. It’s nice that people come up to you and have a chat. There’s a community amongst us bikers!!!

No mango this time but he invited me to stay!

Next, Mexico City….I was dreading finding the Hostel as the GPS  was no help and the maps not much better…. but with the help from a Taxi driver I arrived at my Hostel which is in a very nice suburb 10 kms from Centro called Coyoacan.

It;s great having Azulo but sometimes it’s like having a child with you. I always  have to find places that have parking. There was nothing in Centro except expensive Hotels which are off limits!

However, I chose well this time.

The hostel is like a home from home and Coyoacan is the most beautiful suburb.

Coyoacan, Mexico City

It used to be a little town that Cortes founded. It has it’s own magnificent Plaza and Church and is obviously an expensive place to live. Obviously as Mexico City expanded Coyoacan was gobbled up

I took a tourist bus trip around Coyoacan. There was a group of seniors….maybe a  local Probus Group?  …It reminded me of my Beaumaris Probus Group in Melbourne and the trips we do…(I am the functions co-ordinator)

Bus tour of Coycoacan

I’m  looking forward to taking the group on some great trips when I get back!…Maybe an off road trip through the Simpson desert???

Now Mexico City….I’ve decided that perception is a very dangerous thing. ! My perception of Mexico City was a big, smoggy, dangerous and grubby place…I don’t really know why I thought that. I almost avoided it!

Wow, that would have been a mistake. Why did I think that?

It’s an impressive and quite beautiful place.

There is no smog (at the moment) and the sky is blue…The city (or parts that I’ve seen) are as clean as any other major big Capital, The Metro is superb, clean, efficient and cheap. There are buautiful and big parks everywhere.

The Historico Centro is big and impressive and the main ZOCOLO is HUGE…It is one of the biggest squares in the world.

Zocolo, Mexico City

That photographer who takes pictures of crowds of naked people (who is he?) He filled the Zocolo with 18000 naked Mexicans…the mind boggles!

I wish I had more time here as there is lots to see and do.











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