26 April – Visit to Teotihuacan

I decided to give Azulo a day off and take a PRIVATE tour to Teotihuacan to see the ruins which are about 50 k north east of Mexico City

I say a private tour because I was the only tourist so I had the bus, driver and guide all to myself!

It was a great day and the ruins are spectacular.

First, we visited the Aztec ruins at Tlateloloco in Mexico City

Temple De Santiago

Frankly there isn’t much to see as Cortes destroyed everything after a seige. Later, the Spanish built a magnificent church nearby called the Temple De Santiago using the stones from the ruins. I believe it’s the oldest Spanish Church in Latin America.

Next stop, the Basilica De Guadalupe. This is a series of big churches dedicated to the Virgin of Guadalupe. Apparently, in 1531, Juan Diego saw the vision of a beautiful Virgin who asked him to build a shrine in her honour. Eventually this happened.

There is a HUGE square in front of the old and new Basilicas. Five Popes have given Mass here. Pilgrims enter the Basilica on their knees to seek redemption of give thanks etc. There are DOZENS of Confession Boxes.

Next stop a couple of “COME IN SPINNER” shops. (They always take you to these shops so you can buy something at inflated prices) Given I was the only tourist and the shops were empty they were eager for me to buy something!

Come in Spinner shops

At one of the places they gave me a taste of various local drinks.

First of course Tequila….Then Mezcal…made from another Cactus.

Another Come in Spinner shop

Next PULQUE. This is an old Aztec drink made from fermented Cactus juice.

The drinks come from Cacti like these

Next TUNNA and XOCONOSTLE made from the floweres of NOPAL Cactus.

I didn't drink it all!

They were all very nice and I was beginning to enjoy myself!


The area is huge, originally it covered 20 sq Kms. The ruins date back to Pre-Aztec TEOTHUACAN culture (not Aztec as I thought…The Aztecs came much later). The ruins date back to 1st Century AD. At one time there were 125,000 people living there. It was the biggest City in South America.

There is a magnificent main street that is 2.5 Kms long. There are the two HUGE Pyramids, Pyramid of the Sun and Moon. The Pyramid of the Sun is the third largest in the world after those in Egypt.

Steep and high..over 200 steps

The whole complex is amazing and the view from the top of the Pyramids is breathtaking!

(Yes, I climbed them both!)

It was neasrly 4.00 pm but they took me to lunch anyway.

The Driver, Robert and the Guide Lourdes entertained me by dancing. They are a sweet couple and made my day very special

Lourdes and Robert (Driver and Guide) dancing for me!

We got back to the Hostel at 7.30pm and they still wanted to see Azulo! Lots of laughter and photos… then I went and had a drink…exhausted!



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