1-3 May, Scottsdale USA

I’ve been having a wonderful time and rest in Scottsdale at the home of my old friend and Business Partner, Jim Josephson and his wife Susan.

I crossed the border from Mexico to USA in remarkable speed on 1 May.

The only potential problem is that l didn’t receive any papers for Azulo…… I’m sure I’m meant to get papers but there was nowhere that I could see to get them and the Officers told me I didn’t need any papers anyway.

I double checked with another Officer and received the same answer.

Nonetheless, I’m SURE I should have papers, and I bet I get asked for them when I try to ship Azulo from LA!….. Time will tell!

Anyway, I arrived at Jim and Susan’s lovely home in Paradise Valley at around three PM and have enjoyed three lovely nights here.

Jim and Susan's home

I have known Jim since 1973…39 years! …..Initially I was a Sales Manager in his Company, Computer Resources. Jim already lived in USA at the time…… later, Jim joined me, Brian Hacker and Arie Baalbergen when we started Applied Learning Australia in 1983.

Jim and Susan

Jim and Susan’s house is simply amazing and my bed is so comfy I could move in!…. It’s so nice to be with them and to relax in this beautiful place after all my long journey.

The weather is perfect. Warm but dry heat

Jim and Susan cooked a magnificent steak which was just what was needed after my less than terrific experiences with food in Mexico

Yesterday, we went shopping and had lunch in a very nice shopping mall. The kids were playing in this terrific street water feature in the Mall. The water kept rising and falling. I could have joined in!

Water feature in Mall

Today we visited”TALIESIN WEST” which was the winter  home and Architecture College of the famous American Architect FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT. The guided tour through this home in the Desert was very interesting.

Taliesin West...Home of Architect Frank Lloyd West

Afterwards we had lunch at the Hyatt Scottsdale which is a huge and amazing Hotel Resort

Hyatt Resort Scottsdale

It’s been a lovely and restful three days and I have almost forgotten I have been riding around South America for five months!

Tomorrow it’s back to business and Azulo has to come out of his luxury garage and hit the road for Las Vegas!

I am spending three nights in the  Imperial Palace, las Vegas  and on Saturday I’m going to see Elton John perform at Caesars Palace………… Then it’s on to LA on Monday 7th
I then have to ship my bike…. Hopefully I don’t have hasstles with US Customs regarding no papers…

I spend my last weekend with my relative Andy Wainwright and his family which will be a nice way to finish my trip, …then I hear the big Qantas engines roar on monday 14 and head for home to see Merry!