4-7 May, Las Vegas

One of the great things about this trip is that I’ve kept on bumping into people I met earlier on…

A few days ago I got an email from Jeannie Panchal who I met in a Hostel in San Pedro De Atacama in Chile. She also came on the fabulous 4 Wheel Drive trip I did to Bolivia. (Actually it was Jeannie who told me about the trip in the first place!)

Jeannie is a tour guide with Intrepid Travel in USA. She had seen my blog and saw I was near USA and emailed me. Amazingly she is between tours and is here in Vegas. What a co-incidence! More later.

Jeannie Panchal and me enjoying a Latte

My Hotel, The Imperial Palace. is right opposite Caesars Palace on “The Strip”. Not the best Hotel and it is crawling with people as it’s the weekend.

Las Vages Strip near my Hotel (Imperial Palace)

I must admit, this place makes me feel very old!….. The people on the street seem to shout and scream all the time and there is rock music blairing out of every doorway. The street is packed and people are drinking and it’s all pretty awful

I wandered about and looked into a few of these bizarre casinos like “The Venetian” and “Caesars Palace” and there is this half sized Elfel Tower which is huge!

It’s very colourful but after being blown away by the noise and jostled about by all these drunk or noisy and loud people, I scampered to my room and had a drink! Peace!

in fairness. It’s the weekend…Rio was awful on the weekend and lovely during the week…Maybe Vages is nicer during the mid-week.

However, my tip is that..If you come at the weekend…Either stay in a good place like Caesars Palace or stay outside the strip!

Huge fish in this tank!

The blokes all like Victoria Secret shops!

UK Phone Box

Showing my age...I remember these!

The next day I visited a Car Museum in the Hotel. it is excellent with over 100 beautiful old cars including about 20 huge Rolls Royces.

Beautiful Rolls Royce (Sorry, forgotten details!)

There was this old ‘Rocker’ sitting there trying to sell his CD and books.

He had photos of himself with Elvis, Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash and The Everleys. His name is “Jimmy Velvet” …..Have you ever heard of him…? what about you, Pete Casey? Bruce Loveday? ?..Can’t say I have but I know his songs….

I had a good chat with him about Elvis and Co. He reckons Elvis was a top bloke! Anyway I bought his CD…I’m such a soft touch!

Later that day, I met Jeannie… She picked me up in her big mini van and took me to her Hotel. She had just finished a trip with 13 Japanese and had all this food left over. Heaps of beautiful cheeses and dips and things!

Jeannie setting up our feast on her leftovers!

Her Hotel was also serving Margaritas for $1.50 each!….. We had a party! We were joined by a couple of other Intrepid Guides.

Jeannie put on this “interactive” radio station. I don’t think we have it in Australia. It’s amazing. You select a singer…eg Elton John… The radio then plays Elton’s songs plus similar music by other singers…you can delete a song if you don’t like it and it gradually builds a profile of the music you like! Very clever!

At 6.00 I staggered to Caesars Palace to see the Elton John Concert. It was terrific. He did all his old songs and the staging was fabulous

Elton John Concert at the Colosseum, Caesars Palace

The Man himself!

Today, Sunday,I took a helicopter flight to the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon. I got a last minute deal so the cost was reasonable.
This is DEFINITELY the way to see the Canyon. The flight went over the Hoover Dam and then over and into the Canyon. We landed and had a snack and Champagne and took photos and wandered around for half an hour.

There was just six of us in the middle of this HUGE Canyon with nothing else in sight. fabulous. The view from inside the Canyon is awesome.

Hoover Dam and new road bridge...Azulo went over that!

Inside Grand Canyon

We then flew back and had another drink and were then taken back to the Hotels…..It all took four hours compared to 12 hours on a bus! Well worth the extra $150.00 I think

Tonight Jeannie and I are hitting the town and then tomorrow I saddle up Azulo for the last 450 k ride to LA

I am spending a few days around Manhatten Beach where I will try organise Azulo’s passage home. Hopefully it won’t take too long!

I am spending my last weekend with Andy and Melissa Wainwright and family. Andy is a relative who I have not met and he very kindly asked me to stay. I’m very grateful and it will be a nice way to end the trip

I fly home on Monday 14