7-8 May, Bye Bye Azulo

The ride is finally over. I’m in Los Angeles

In all, I visited sixteen countries and covered 26,457 kilometers on the clock!

Azulo has been absolutely wonderful and has faithfully lugged me and much too much luggage around without any mechanical problems at all. Mr Kawasaki makes a great motorbike!

During these 26,457 kms i have had to change the rear tyre twice and the front once. I have only had minor problems with the arms holding on the panniers snapping twice, and the battery terminal coming loose (because it was incorrectly attached in Buenos Aires)

I have had only one puncture and that happened directly outside a tyre repair shop!!!!

I have been very fortunate. It’s almost as if someone has been looking after me!

Today, I said goodbye to Azulo and  left him with the Shipping agent….. It feels strange not having Azulo around anymore. In fact, I feel quite lonely! ….After having looked after Azulo for five months, it seems very strange NOT having him around…..More about that in a moment.

I had a nice easy ride from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. En route I saw a sign for “PEGGY SUE’S DINER!!!!….. I just had to stop!

Great eggs and bacon and heaps of hash browns!

I had THE BEST eggs and bacon American style, with a huge helping of hash browns and toast! Lovely

I arrived in LA at about 2.00pm so I called Philip Gallanders, my shipping Agent at Scan-Shipping. He was terrific and within the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee, it was all organised and I am going to drop off Azulo on 8th (ie the next day)

Philip is a Scot and has been extremely responsive and efficient…He is also a good bloke too!

Philip Gallanders, Scan Shipping. Highly recommended!

It all seems like magic to me…you drop off the bike and amazingly (hopefully) it arrives in Melbourne!

After leaving Phil, I phoned Andy Wainwright (my relative).

Unbelievably, Andy works less than 1 mile from Scan-Shipping!….. He told me to go across the road to Starbucks and he would be with me in five minutes!

You just would not believe it. LA is HUGE yet the two people I had come to visit work within 1 kilometer of one another!

Andy arrived and we had a good chat for an hour and a half. I’m staying with Andy and his family this weekend, till I leave on Monday

Andy Wainwright

As mentioned, I dropped off Azulo today. The packing  agent seems to ship motor bikes to Australia (along with other things of course)  There were dozens of bikes in the shed!!! Azulo will have company on the voyage!

Armondo receiving Azulo

Azulo's shipmates!

So, now I have time to kill till I descend on the Wainwrights on Friday afternoon!

I think I’m going to find a place near Newport Beach and chill out and do absolutely NOTHING!





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