9-14 May, Los Angeles…Final days!

I’ts hard to believe it’s nearly all over. Already, when I look at photos of Argentina it seems like a dream…Was I REALLY there!…has it REALLY been five months?

I had two days to kill  before going to Andy and Melissa Wainwright and family’s place for the weekend, so I decided to find a quiet place near the beach and chill out (Andy, you may remember, is a relative of mine)

Merry, my expert travel agent, found me a Golf Course Hotel for $100.00 per night at Aliso Creek which is  near Leguna Beach, about 75 ks south of Venice Beach.

It’s a lovely place. The room was excellent and the Golf Course is a beautiful. peaceful little 9 Hole Course in a big Canyon.

Aliso Creek Golf Course

I had two lazy days there. I had a stove and fridge in the room  so I bought some bacon and eggs and made a pig of myself!

On Friday, I checked out and headed for Andy and Melissa’s place, which turned out to be only about 12 kms from my hideaway!

I’ve had a lovely stay with them. They have two kids, Jordan (18) and Alex (8) and live in a gorgous house in a quiet suburb

Casa Wainwright

Andy and Melissa Wainwright

Lovely sunny Patio

Andy,Melissa, Jordan (18) & Alex(nearly 9)

So far my stay with the Wainwrights has achieved several “firsts” for the trip!

Firstly, We went out for dinner on Friday night to a restaurant called “Chart House’ at Dana Point. It was the BEST meal of the trip! ….. I had fish with a sauce to die for!…….We also enjoyed several bottles of wine including one bottle from a Vineyard  called “14 Hands”….Our little hobby Vineyard in Melbourne is called “12 Hands”…Two less!

14 Hands

Secondly (and thirdly), We had a very late night sitting on their patio chatting and downing more bottles of  fine wine…Most enjoyable… and we had lots of laughs…..This was not only the latest I have been to bed on the trip but also the “merriest”…However…I must say, we didn’t feel so great the next day and Melissa had to go out fairly early for a walk and breakfast with some girlfriends!

Fourthly…I have had several games of soccer and other board games with Alex…Great fun. It’s so nice being with a young family!

Geoff "Beckham" showing how it's done!

i lost every game!

On Saturday afternoon, Andy suggested we have a game of golf to clear the head…Guess where we played…Yes, back to Aliso Creek, my nice little course in the Canyon…… It seems Andy’s parents Michael (who is a regular contributor to my blog) and Valerie love this course.

Aliso Creek Golf Course

Cheers from the Gallery for another brilliant drive!

It’s quite challenging and very pretty but it’s wise to stay out of the rough as there are rattlesnakes just waiting…

Better to hit straight here!

Andy strutting his stuff!

On Sunday. it was mothers day so Andy bought some doughnuts and I cooked my special scrambled eggs!

Master "small order" Chef at work!

Great Doughnuts!

After another game of soccer with Alex we went out for Mothers Day lunch. We went to a BBQ Restaurant like nothing I have ever seen.!

Melissa and Jordan enjoying Mothers day lunch

Andy and Alex

I had St Lewis Ribs, Baby back Ribs, plus a quarter of chicken plus lots of tasty sauces. Lovely. Stuart (my son) would be very envious!

We then staggered back home for a snooze!

What Cheek! Wearing Grandpa's "Michael's" Slippers!

It’s been the perfect way to end my trip

Tomorrow, I head home. I’m ready to go home after this amazing adventure which has been the trip of a lifetime. I’m excited about seeing Merry, Stuart and Lucy and the two dogs!. Merry has bought some new ear plugs as she claims, quite incorrectly that I snore!

I’ll do one more blog entry when I get home. so don’t switch off yet!


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