16 May…Home again, Beaumaris, Australia

Yes, I’m home safe and sound and the trip is finally over.


Me, outside our home in Beaumaris

It was wonderful seeing Merry at the Airport! ….She has been so supportive, but lets me know she has earned  several MILLION BROWNIE POINTS!….I suspect I have a lot of gardening and odd jobs ahead in the next few weeks!

It’s a funny feeling being home again after 5.5 months!….I’m back in my comfort zone and don’t have to go anywhere or find a place for the night for Azulo!…. It’s wonderful seeing my home , family and all the familiar things again.

I slept well(ish) on the first night home and the next morning Lucy, Merry and I went out for breakfast.

With Merry again on Beaumaris Beach

later, I went for a coffee and Vanilla slice at my favourite Coffee place in Beaumaris Concourse…Brodams!

A Vanilla slice with Lucy at Brodams in the Concourse, Beaumaris

My two mad dogs, Mister and Maggie recognised me and flattened me. I’ve taken them on two LONG walks to get to know them again.

Me with my two mad (but lovely dogs) Maggie (left) and Mister

I went to watch Merry riding her beautiful horse, Jet

Merry on Jet

So, that’s it. It’s all over!

It has been a wonderful experience and I have met so many lovely people and seen such amazing sights. People overall have been so kind and helpful. I would like to thank so many people for their help and friendship.

Places that I thought may be dangerous turned out to be like any other places in the world. This is not to imply that there aren’t dangers in some of these countries…. but there is danger everywhere….. My view is that  If you are careful and keep to the basic rules of safety, the chances are you will be fine.

I rarely felt in any danger on the trip. This was only soured by the mugging in Quito but that can happen anywhere.

I think it’s true to say that the world is a lot better place than the TV and other media have us believe and the vast majority of people are honest and considerate.

I think it’s a shame we get all the negative news about places that create a  perception in our minds which is often unfair. Also, perceptions last longer than the dangers…Colombia is a case in point. I think most of us still feel Colombia is a drug ridden and dangerous place. …Yet the big problems in Colombia were over 20 years ago and much has changed since then…Problems that still exist are largely restricted to out of the way parts of the country that tourists don’t visit….Why are we still judging the place by the events of  20 years ago? It seems perceptions last longer than reality…Sermon over!

There are so many people who have been kind and helpful to me throughout the trip. I have also met and became friends with so many people from so many different countries….. It’s the people you meet on a trip that make all the difference

To all those who have watched the blog and in particular, all those who have sent email or blog comments. Thank you so much.

These comments, some of which are hilarious, have been a life blood to me. A trip like this can be very lonely at times and the blog has kept me in touch and given me an interest.

The blog, incidentally has had over 38,000 hits. I don’t really know what that means but it shows that lots of people have looked at it!

I would LOVE to know who has watched the blog…If you see this post and have not ever sent me an email or blog comment…please email me on gbransbury @gmail.com and let me know…

Finally, Thanks to my family and in particularly Merry who has been so supportive all along. It has been a very long trip for Merry and I hope she hasn’t got too used to not having me around!

So, this is the very DOPEY OLD BLOKE tuning out and saying farewell.

Bye Bye!