7 thoughts on “First youtube video

  1. Geoff.
    Have a fabulous trip. We have been to the 5 “Stans” and had a guide who helped is with all the boarder crossings. We look forward to living your journey vicariously through your blog! Have a blast!
    Marla & Bruce

    • Hi Bruce and Marla. You may see the Stans in a different light sharing the journey with a grubby biker! Good to have you along

  2. Hi Geoff (and the family – including the dogs)
    Great new blog – and I love the video. It wasn’t 40+ degrees in Beaumaris (Anglesey) last week! In fact I don’t think it’s ever been 40+ degrees in Anglesey!!

    We’re really looking forward to the blog; all the best from St Albans.

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