Azulo Leaves for Korea!

17th March 2014

It’s getting close! Azulo was shipped on 17th.  By the way…Azulo is my bike.  Let me explain how the name came about…Azulo is a blue bike…AZUL is Spanish for blue…the “Lo” sort of makes it Bluey…If it was female, I should have called him Azula so Azulo is a bloke!…

I named Azulo before my trip to South America in 2012, It’s not very Russian, I admit, but it’s too late to change the name now. I don’t want to ‘moz” myself


Here goes Azulo, down the street!

P1000140 (2)P1000143

Azulo is being shipped by sea to Busan, South Korea and then by truck to Donhue on the east coast of South Korea, where, hopefully we meet again…otherwise it will be a very short trip!!

We then go by ferry to Vladivostok where we will have to wait for a couple of days whilst we negotiate Customs…UGH!

I’m having a busy time getting Visas. It’s all a bit of a nightmare actually….and very expensive too!

I have a 12 month Business Visa for Russia, I had to send my passport to Singapore for the Kazakhstan Visa and I currently wait for my Mongolian Visa from Canberra.

I still have to organise Visas for Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Iran and Turkey. I cannot organise these till I’m on my way as there are restrictions in terms of how long in advance one can apply so I’ll find myself stuck in Embassies in various countries probably pulling my hair out!

I also have had to arrange a Carnet de Passage en Douane for Azulo for Iran. Believe it or not that cost me $950.00 ($250.00 refundable on my return)

I leave Australia around 27th April



36 thoughts on “Azulo Leaves for Korea!

  1. Hi Geoff, Was hoping to pick your brains at the Marysville event a few weeks back.
    Who did you use to get your Russian Visa? I’m shipping my bike to Sth Korea in April next year from Adelaide aiming for Europe via Mongolia and Kazakhstan. Looks like the shipping of yours from Oz to Sth Korea was an honest 6 weeks?? Cheers Neil

  2. Hey Geoff (and Merry) Well good wishes, luck and supportive encounters on the trip – you clearly like supporting the world economy with all the ********* Visa costs! Hope the UK one is cheap! [well for escapees!] – Good riding and look forward to meet up in UK save a couple of days for the ex BOC Trainees reunion! Bed waiting when you need. Also keep us posted on your joint, Normandy France bits, as could be that way too?!
    Hope they are sanitized Koalas with you or trouble ahead…………!!
    Bon Voyage – Christopher and Kate – Berkshire UK

    • Hi Chris and Kate…. Yes Merry is ‘doing’ Normandy in August. Big Horse event there (WEG), hence why we meet in Paris after that. Seems a Loooong way off though!

  3. Hi Geoff

    Hope your bags are packed, kangaroos, koalas and visas to hand, and you have a good flight on the 29th. Looking forward to reading all about your adventures. Karen x

    • Just got off the plane in Korea. No kangaroos here as they are all with Azulo….hope to see him on Saturday
      Fingers crossed

    • Hi Moon
      I’m leaving now on 29. Good news, I got message that Azulo is waiting for me at the Ferry terminal. I’ll do my best to regularly post. I hope the wifi is everywhere.

    • Hi Tom
      Great that you’ll join me on the journey! Sorry to hear about your arm….I bet you still enjoyed Disneyland though

    • Hi MooN
      I’m looking forward to meeting you and your family and the Transalp in Auxerre in August. Thanks for looking after Azulo for me!

  4. Oh Dopey! I’ve just stumbled back onto the life and times of you and Azulo! So so wowed that you’re off! Remember when this harebrained idea was just forming back in 2012:) I’ll be with you as you transit those stan’s – and looking forward to sharing the awesome and not so awesome days of yet another epic adventure! Big hugs from the Blue Mountains (another Azul..’as’ – las montanas azul! ) Susan Jehne

    • Susan! What a nice surprise! Arica was serendipity! Meeting you, Mr Churchill, Charlene and Jan. I still have the taxi driver’s little doll!
      Glad you will follow the blog! Email me with your news

  5. Hi Geoff

    Am already excited at the sight of the new blog! Tom wants to follow it on his own tablet so expect some comments from him, as well as us!

    I hope Azulo isn’t too lonely in that box

    Good luck with customs this time round
    Karen x

    • Hi Karen
      Great to have you ‘in the pits’ again! It will be great to have Tom on board as well… I’ll look forward to hearing from him
      I’m sure Azulo is having a good rest. He needs all the energy he can get,
      Love to you all

    • Karen, I’ll look forward to a Lamb Roast in St Albans in October and perhaps another game of cankers with Tom!

      • Hello from sunny Florida! I am with the other love of my life – Mickey Mouse! Hope all your planning is going smoothly, and I will be menu planning for October with excitement. Tom currently has a splint on his wrist as he may have a fractured scaphoid so you would win conkers hands down right now!

  6. Hope you’re taking a good supply of toy kangeroos and koalas …….. Did they go with the bike or are you packing them? Will there be an excess baggage charge on APR 27?
    Go well – your St Albans Supporters Club will be tracking you!

    • Hi Alan
      Glad to hear the St Albans supporters group is on board! Yes I have dozens of kangaroos and koalas. No room for clothes or water though!

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