29 June – 4th July, Bye Bye Canada

Will I get locked up when I enter USA this time!

It’s 4th July….Independence Day is probably not  the best day to enter USA.

Last time Azulo and I entered USA was in August 2012 from Mexico to Tuscon. It was an absolute nightmare! The border guards locked me up.…..! Let’s hope I don’t end up in a cage this time!

Ottawa – I get besieged by the press!

Well…hardly….but I did get interviewed by the Ottawa “Metro” Newspaper and it has actually been published…..I was in a car park and a reporter named Lucy approached me and wanted an interview…. So, now I’m an international celebrity and a legend in my own “lunchbox” . Unfortunately the headline refers to me as a “Senior” which i suppose I am but would rather forget!…..I’ll try and put the article in the Menu in the next few days…I’m not sure how to do that so i might have to contact Stuart!!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed Ottawa. It is a lovely City. The weather was good and the town had a festive feel because it was Canada Day on 1 July.

DSC00535 DSC00537 DSC00579 DSC00583

I visited the Parliament Building and the War Museum and took a trip on the Ottawa River. I watched the changing of the Guards. I could have spent another day here as there is lots to see.

DSC00533 DSC00541 DSC00550

War Memorial

War Memorial

House of Commons

House of Commons


Parliamentary Library

Parliamentary Library



House of Commons

House of Commons

Motorbike and Side Car...fit for Merry?

Motorbike and Side Car…fit for Merry?

Hitlers Car

Hitlers Car

I stayed at a terrific AirBnb. The Hosts, Marc and Christine did everything to make me feel welcome including inviting me to dinner.

Marc and Christine Great AirBnb hosts

Marc and Christine
Great AirBnb hosts

Me eating an CRUMBLE!

Me eating an CRUMBLE!


On Canada Day it was raining cats and dogs again but I had to ride to Toronto. You’ll be pleased to know i was an absolute “knight of the road” and had no more altercations with the Police!

Last year I was contacted out of the blue by an old friend who I used to know when I was 7 years old!  She, “Gill,…always known then as Gillywigs” has a cousin in Toronto who kindly invited me to stay. Travelling around like I’m doing there is NOTHING nicer than being invited to stay!

Graham and Jane were perfect hosts. They had a Canada Day BBQ and were joined by son Nick and friends Marin and Jane. It was great fun and needless to say I participated in the destruction of Graham’s wine cellar. We had Canadian wines and I am very impressed! I don’t think I’ve seen any in Australia.

Graham and Jane Boyce

Graham and Jane Boyce

Martin, Jane, Graham, Jane, Nick

Martin, Jane, Graham, Jane, Nick

I hadn’t intended staying long in Toronto as i used to visit on business but Graham and Jane gave me a “cook’s tour”. I didn’t recognise anything other than the tower. It’s a big and vibrant city

DSC00612 DSC00614

My next stop was to join the Mississauga Probus  Club Hiking Group on their monthly hike! Here’s a photo of the “boys” They seem a great bunch

The Mississauga Probus Hiking Group...and me!

The Mississauga Probus Hiking Group…and me!

London, Ontario

I took a 200 K detour to see some old friends Jim and Elaine Cambridge in London (on the Thames!!!) They too were fantastic hosts and it was great to catch up. Jim produced another endless supply of Canadian wine. His son is a Winemaker in British Colombia.

Jim and Elaine Cambridge

Jim and Elaine Cambridge

I met the most amazing “dog handler” called Rene. This is extraordinary…..Jim and Elaine have a dog, Jake. Every week, Jake sits by the front door waiting to be picked up for the day by “Rene”

Rene with some of his "customers" He puts 25 dogs in the Van

Rene with some of his “customers” He puts 25 dogs in the Van

Rene lives on a bush property with 40 dogs. He charges $25.00 per day to exercise your dog. He picks up 25 dogs in his van and they all have the greatest time

Rene with Jake (Jim and Elaine's dog)

Rene with Jake (Jim and Elaine’s dog)


DSC00638Rene delivered an exhausted Jake around 9.00. I could not believe his van. He said he had already dropped off most of the dogs but as you see there are still quite a few in the van!

The dogs were not barking or causing any fuss. He has total control of them. It was quite amazing. I wish he could take our two  lovable “monsters” Mister and Maggie for a weekly run. Apparently all 65 dogs are allowed to run around for the day on his property. He says there is never any issues. Amazing!

Niagara Falls

The Falls are, of course impressive

DSC00651 DSC00652 DSC00653 DSC00654



I spent the night in a lovely little town called Niagara on the Lake.Apparently it was the old capital of Upper Canada and was burned down by the Americans in 1812! I met Steve Maxwell and his wife Janice from the Mississauga Probus Club. They kindly took me to the Irish Pub for dinner.

DSC00661 DSC00662 DSC00663 DSC00664I now say goodbye to Canada. I must say that, apart from the miserable Quebec Police, I only have good things to say about Canada. The people have been incredibly friendly. The towns are impressive and the countryside beautiful.

I  have met many caring people and have eaten and drunk much too much!

So tomorrow I’m off to the USA…The land of the free…Home of the brave…I do hope I don’t get locked up again!









15 thoughts on “29 June – 4th July, Bye Bye Canada

  1. Found the article online but it won’t let me post it – in your search engine (I used Google) type Ottawa Metro Newspaper followed by your name and it comes up! It was fun to read!

  2. Haha! I was thinking the same thing as Merry about the blurred photo! Tom is in love with the castle at the beginning of this entry as it looks a bit like the castle from Harry Potter. Glad you haven’t had any more trouble with the police, fingers crossed for a smooth entry into America. Niagara on the Lake is gorgeous – someone dad worked with recommended we go there and it was well worth it – your photos are bringing back some lovely memories. But best of all I can now say I know a celebrity – one who has been in a newspaper no less! Karen x

  3. Hi Geoff,
    Your latest blog on crossing into USA, reminded me that I had intended to give you the address of Prof Peter Sheldrake in North Carolina.
    Peter was Prof of Business Entrepreneurship at the RMIT, and was the moderator of the original Senior Round Table established by himself and Brian Hirsh, (President of Beaumaris Probus in 2000). This group of 14 , which included a couple of outsiders and a lady, was the forerunner of the present Discussion Groups, led by Barry Amond. We met monthly, at All Souls Church hall, and then at the West Brighton Club. For a brief period I was the Secretary/Treasurer, and was succeeded by Rod Murrell. Peter gave a couple of talks to Probus.
    Peter migrated to USA so that his wife could be closer to her parents.

    After this long winded background, I’ll get to the point :- Will you be passing through North Carolina, Winston-Salem, on your travels.
    If so, due to the time scale you might like to contact Peter by email at
    peter@travellingnorth.com with a view to meeting, and updating him on the latest Australian, Victorian, Bayside, Beaumaris gossip. He can fill you in on his view of USA from gay marriage to gun laws, and possibly even ‘how to stop printing money’.
    Safe travelling
    Ron Hunter

    • Hi Ron
      Thanks for thinking of me. Unfortunately I’m not going there. I head for the Blue Ridge Parkway then Memphis

  4. AaaahhhhH ssooo “Geoffers” … Mystery and probably many untold stories in there ??!
    So one day we shall listen whilst you disclose 😉

    Well, a huge contrast to the recent trip in almost all aspects. Probably a sense of relief. Continue to enjoy whilst I shall look forward to the next US instalment.
    Axel (finally got a 31 ltr tank!!)

  5. Congratulations Mr. Celebrity! Found the article on the Ottawa Metro website. I wonder whether it will be syndicated? I’ll keep an eye open in the London Times!
    That part of Canada looks really interesting, and you seem to have met some very nice people. I loved the story about Rene and the dogs. Amazing that he can keep all those pooches into the van without any fighting. Is he a Dog Whisperer I wonder?
    Love the photos – keep them coming.
    Best wishes for the US of A.

  6. Hi Geoff, surprised you are not still in Canada visiting old friends, friends of friends, and friendly people you meet along the way. I’ve sent a separate email so let me know if you don’t get it.
    Ride carefully

  7. Ottawa looks beautiful. Would love to go there someday.

    As for the USA – just remember, anyone with any sort of uniform on, has had their sense of humour removed. Shirley

  8. Hi Geoff
    Great to share your trip adventure. You have met some wonderful people and seen some magnificient cities to date. Keep safe.
    David, Gail

  9. So glad you got together with the family! Graham and Jane love showing people round. I expect they told you about our visits. Martin loves his wine and food too! We’ve spent some great times with them. We love To. and Ottawa.
    Hope the rest of the road trip goes well, Geoffers! (Hope you didn’t tell them too many tales of our childhood – although Graham probably told you a few too!)

  10. Hi Geoff, good to keep up with your adventures. We loved Niagara Falls, in spite of the fact that Alan let go of Karen at one point and she fell into the river above the falls on the US side. Luckily it was very shallow, but she still reminds him about it! And Niagara on the Lake is really special. We are still on our tiny island watching boat races around its shores. It’s like Oxford and Cambridge only with a lot more boats and even more attitude. Hope you get into America OK, just smile and talk “Australian” and we are sure you will be let in. Take care, go well on the next part of this journey. Wendy and Alan xx

  11. WOW….. brilliant photography! I’m always impressed the way Canadian’s make the most of
    flowers in summer, as they have such long freezing winters. Ottawa looks wonderful, its like having a great geography lesson! School was never like this!! Did you go on the “Maid of the Mist” ( the Canadian one) ?? Fantastic up close to the falls. Niagara on the Lake is one of my favourites.
    Keep up the good work and enjoy, sounds wonderful ! Thanks for such an interesting travelogue!!

  12. Unfortunately the photo of Jim and Elaine is slightly fuzzy. Is that an indication of the amount of wine consumed?? Xx. Merry

  13. Hello Geoff, thanks for getting back mate. I think most police officers in the rest of Canada would have just given you a warning and send you on your way. Anyways water under the bridge. I’m glad you enjoyed your stay in Canada. So what’s your route through the US. Will you be going around South America too. Could you send me a blog comment via my website above. Thanks. Safe travels mate.


    PS. Picking up a couple of dual purpose Honda CRF250L’s for my son and I next week. Which model of Kawasaki is it you ride.

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