37 thoughts on “Azulo’s next trip!

  1. Hey Geoff: Getting close to the STARTING LINE!!
    Is all set for the flag down? Sounds a mighty big circumnavigation but guess that’s Oz. Have you got a Union Jack sticker on Azulo?

    Have fun – don’t get dizzy – Good to hear Merry is joining with you for a part of the route! Even by car.
    Go safely and mind the Roos and the Smokeys this time!!!
    I think Andrew is going to have to sail a long way to meet up with you in 2017?
    The Hobbs in Barkshire near Queen Liz’s shack!!

  2. It was over 50 years ago you did your first big bike road trip, (round Europe). Didn’t get to go with you then. Glad to be there this time.

  3. Hi Geoff. Enjoyed sharing some of your Sth American travels at the Probus meeting and look forward to hearing about some more of your adventures. Enjoy your travels around OZ. Lots to see and do. Have a safe and trouble free trip. Regards Cathy

  4. Goeff –
    Looks like an amazing trip around Australia! We have done some of your route, started in Albany and headed up the west coast through Perth, Broom and Darwin. Only difference is we flew, and weren’t on a motorcycle!
    Have a wonderful trip and we look forward to “traveling with you.”

    • Hi Maria and Bruce

      I hope you are both well. Pity we had to cancel USA trip. Merry still not the best but coming along. it was a bad ankle break
      She’ll meet me in Perth and Darwin
      I start at the end of April. Look forward to you both as my pillions!
      Love Geoff

  5. Looks like quite a ride and I imagine you’ll encounter some different climates BUT at least it is still home!! Should make it easier searching accomodation etc. It’s about time you truly explored your own country. Have a great trip and keep the post and pics coming please!

  6. Depending on your start date, if soon an anticlockwise direction will give you the best weather.
    Wallaroo is good advice and l can give you a good pub. Talk to you soon. Paul

  7. All the best Geoff, looks fantastic. When do you leave.?
    Safe travelling, will be following your trip with great interest.
    Cheers, Margaret

      • Hi Geoff, I sure will be a pillion passenger….. all the best, take care, travel safely and enjoy.
        Probus would like you to come again after your travels in October or November if that is
        possible please!
        Look forward to seeing it all.

  8. All the best Geoff, looks fantastic. Safe travelling…..when do you leave?

    Take care, will be watching you all the way.
    Cheers, Margaret

  9. Can’t quite work out the route on the south west; Albany – Margaret River – Perth.
    Looks like an enormous round-about, and the only way to cover all would be to go over some of the same route twice. Have you chosen poorly ?

    • Hi Vic

      The reason for the roundabout in WA is because Merry meets me in Perth and we hire a car and visit the wine are of Margaret River. I think the distance will be close to 20,000 kms on the clock

  10. Good to see you’re getting out again. Haven’t been to Australia, though the prevailing wisdom is that it’s much larger than visitors anticipate… After all, it’s a Continent, not just a country. Good luck!

    • Of course, after the fact I realized you’re an Aussie anyway, so you’re not straying too far from home… Exploring the Big Back Yard.

      • Hi Francis
        How nice to hear from you. I enjoyed your book and loved Nova Scotia. I would like to come back one day with my wife Merry
        Hope you are well

    • Hi Ron
      Good to hear from you
      I hope the motorcycle moving business is going well. My dear old bike is getting long in the tooth but hopefully will cope with the next ride!. Thanks for commenting

  11. If you wish to avoid Port Augusta which is not much of a place (The Gutter) You can short cut on the ferry to Wallaroo.

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