just for kicks

The next big trip starts on April 24th 2017, This year Azulo and I are riding around Australia ..heading West

Merry is meeting me in Perth and again in Darwin.

I hope you’ll all come with me again and send me messages!

Take a look at this video…it will bring back memoriesĀ for all old bikers!

You’ll need to turn the sound up LOUD!…The song was recorded by Mike Sane back about 1963

17 thoughts on “just for kicks

  1. Geoff,
    My family and I will be coming to Australia this June 30th-July 10th. We will mostly be in Sydney as my son is attending the Hillsong United conference.
    How long is your big trip around Australia going to take you?
    Cheers, Bryan.

  2. Hope your first day has gone really well and you’ve enjoyed the views. We’re all looking forward to your first post. Karen, Phil and boys x

  3. I can’t wait to log on and catch up with a feed of photo’s (including video), stories & adventure, looking forward to hearing about the Australian version of plover Geoff
    I will be off on a less ambitious ride myself from May 19th till early June at the Ulysses AGM in Port Macauarie, I have a new BMW 1600 cruiser to do it in comfort….Happy riding Geoff,

    • That’ll be a nice ride Stuart on your new bike. Azulo is getting a bit long in the tooth now so I hope he hangs in there!

  4. We’ve printed off our map and red pen is at the ready for Alex to draw out your route as you go. We can’t wait for your next adventure to start!

    • Thanks Juliet. Lucy is heading for England soon… she’s in Nepal doing voluntary acupuncture. Loving it I think

  5. Well I ain’t THAT old Geoff mate! but I’ll surely be following you around Oz. Hope you have a great trip.


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