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Yes, I really am a Dopey old bloke…at least that’s what everybody thinks! At my age 66 going on all these motorbike trips! Quite mad. However, the more I do the more I find out just how many people are doing just what I’m doing and more! So, maybe I’m not so “Dopey” after all.

Biker Bransbury

My real name is Geoff Bransbury. I live in Melbourne with my wife “Merry” and our two dogs…Our children, Stuart and Lucy are grown up. I love them all to bits.

The Bransbury Family. Geoff, Merry,Stuart and Lucy

My motorcycling is probably a “Post Mid life crisis” but I must thank Lucy for it. She was in Mexico City in late 2009 and was staying a Hostel. She met a South African who was travelling from New York to Patagonia. I was talking with Lucy on Skype and  said “I would love to do that Lucy!” She immediately said. Dad, get off your backside and do it…or words to that effect. She’s correct. Life is for living and here I go.

Merry is NOT keen on bikes but is CRAZY about  horses. She is a terrific rider. She has given me a leave pass for my big adventure later in 2011 when I go to South America

After my “biking  rebirth” following my chat with Lucy, I went straight out and bought a motorbike.

Actually, I used to ride motorbikes some 45 years ago. I had a beautiful 250 cc Matchless and toured Europe at age 18… which is a few years back now!

My first step was a “rider refresher course”. Vital for anyone coming back to motorcycles.

My second step was an overseas trip. This was to Nepal, India and Bhutan with Asian Experiences. There was a group of six riders plus a support vehicle. It was a fantastic trip and the group was great. we all got on famously. We rode Royal Enfield 500cc Bullets.

The Lucky Group

My next trip to South America starts on 3rd December 2011. I ship my bike to Buenos Aires. I met a bloke at the “Horizons Unlimited” meeting in Brisbane in July who is doing the same thing as me so we intend travelling together. His name is John Crowe.

If you follow my blog, please contact me as I want to hear from you! I will try and reply ! Promise!

Geoff “Dopey Old Bloke”

July 2011

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