About me


Yes, I must be a Dopey old bloke…at least that’s what everybody thinks! At my age, 72, going on all these motorbike trips! Quite mad. However, the more I do the more I find out just how many people are doing just what I’m doing and more! So, maybe I’m not so “Dopey” after all.


My real name is Geoff, I live in Australia with my wife Merry and our dog Maggie…Our two children, Stuart and Lucy are grown up. I love them all to bits.

Bransbury Family, Fathers day 2007

Merry, Me, Stuart and Lucy…This was a few years ago! Merry and I are a little older and fatter (at least I am!) Stuart is a little bigger too and Lucy is now brunette. I must take a good family photo before I lose all my hair!

My motorcycling re-birth is a “Post Mid life crisis” but I must thank Lucy for it. She was in Mexico City in late 2009 and was staying a Hostel. She met a South African who was travelling from New York to Patagonia. I was talking with Lucy on Skype and  said “I would love to do that Lucy!” She immediately said. Dad, get off your backside and do it…or words to that effect. She was correct.

The computer screen went blank and I sat there thinking …Lucy is 100% right. I must do it. ….So, I went down to the motorcycle shop and bought a bike!

Merry had a fit! She thought (and still thinks) I’m quite mad. She made me do a riding course which was sensible!

My bike is a Kawasaki KLR 650. It is blue so I named it AZULO since I intended to go to South America. (Azul is Spanish for blue)

Azulo has been fantastic. She (or is it he?) has done now some 70,000k riding around the world on all sorts of roads. He has had the odd grumble but nothing serious (so far)

He is a credit to Kawasaki.


Merry is amazing to put up with my adventures. Perhaps she is pleased to have some peace and quiet. Her passion was horses and she was an excellent rider. Sadly in 2015 whilst I was in USA she fell off the horse and badly broke her ankle. She has had to give up her horse which was very sad and a huge disappointment for Merry. She has now put her passion into her art…she is an excellent artist.


After my “biking  rebirth” (following my chat with Lucy), I went straight out and bought a motorbike.

Actually, I used to ride motorbikes some 45 years ago. I had terrible bike…it was a 250 cc “DMW” (yes, DMW NOT BMW) Villiers 2 Stroke Twin  and toured Europe at age 18… which is a few years back now!

My first trip since my biking re-birth was an escorted trip through India, Bhutan and Nepal. I thought I should see how I coped. I loved it. The trip was with a group of six riders and we had a great time. We were riding Royal Enfield Bullet 500’s

After that trip in 2010 I thought I was ready for my big adventures. The first big trip was in 2011-2012 through South Central America to USA (Buenos Aires to LA)

In 2014, I was off again, this time I shipped Azulo to South Korea and then took the ferry to Siberia (Vladivostok) I then rode to London via Mongolia, The Stans, Iran Turkey and Western Europe.

I left the bike with my old college mate Vic Roberts in Kent and in 2015, returned to England and flew Azulo to Nova Scotia and rode through Canada and USA to LA

This year, 2017, I am going around Australia. Merry will meet me in Perth and Darwin

My blog has  been fantastic for me and also I think, many who have followed my trip have also enjoyed the blog. It’s a lot of fun receiving and answering comments that my friends, relatives and even strangers put on the blog. I love it….. so if you’re reading this….send me a message either via email (you can send an email from my blog) or better still, put a comment on the blog post……

So, why don’t you come with me on the next trip via my blog. I promise I’ll answer !.

Geoff “Dopey Old Bloke” Bransbury

April 2014