Five old mates sail the Med!

 Menton…Here we come!

After nearly 45 years, four old college mates from Woolwich Polytechnic, now more impressively renamed Greenwich University, met for a belated reunion in the Royal Oak, Crockham Hill. Present was Vic Roberts, Chris Hobbs, Andrew Cochrane and me, Geoff Bransbury

Andrew suggested we meet again on my return in 2015 and go sailing in the Med on his Yacht which is moored in Menton in the South of France near Nice. It didn’t take much to persuade us!

DSC00004 DSC00028

We tried to locate the other members of our group, namely Cliff Lichfield, William Johnsen and Paul Penna. We found Cliff who quickly signed up but sadly we can’t find the other two.

Selfie with Andrew,Cliff,Chris,Vic and me, Geoff

Selfie with Andrew,Cliff,Chris,Vic and me, Geoff

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Surprisingly we managed to survive the four days relatively unscathed. Cliff fell off the boat between the boat and the jetty which caused some ribbing!

DSC00012 DSC00013

Cliff taking a dip

Cliff taking a dip

I nearly caused a major disaster by accidentally knocking the throttle as we moored. Luckily I knocked it into forward gear not reverse. If I had hit reverse the boat would have gone flying into the jetty causing huge damage to the boat and ending a long and happy friendship!

Despite my near disaster Andrew let me moor the boat. A fine effort though I say so myself!

Chris managed to lose a tooth on a bread roll making him look even more like Jack Sparrow since he had already lost another front tooth and is awaiting an implant. We teased him mercilessly but in true Chris fashion he brushed it all off!

Andrew seems to know the names of all the lady Restaurant owners who all welcome him and probably his Euros..


We’ve decided to do it all again in three years time!




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