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  2. I bet it’s good to be home after the latest adventure.
    We really enjoyed reading about your travels – seeing some wonderful places, and meeting interesting ( & some not so interesing!) people.
    Next trip Alaska? The Last Wilderness.
    Best wishes from Vic & Gill

  3. Both Alex and Tom have expressed how Phil and I feel now you’re latest adventure is over – both went “oh no! Already?! That’s a shame”. We’ve enjoyed your latest adventures and as usual the photos are amazing and along with your words have brought your journey alive for us. We shall raise a large glass of Canarian Sangria to Azulo tonight (Alex asks if he’d like to live with us). Enjoy your walks on the beach with Maggie and a nice comfy bed. Lots of love to you all from all of us x

  4. Fantastic trip Geoff; it’s been an honour to be on the pillion. You’ve taken us to places which, without your superb blog, we wouldn’t have known about. And it’s been great googling them for more info – always learning!!!!!

    As for Azulo, we feel he’s part of our family too and we wish him a fantastic retirement – wherever he finishes up! The trip, the pictures, the blog, what can one say apart from WOW and THANKS. All the very best to you all from St Albans,

  5. Welcome Home Geoff you have certainly given us a taste to go to the Northern Territory. Your blogs have been full of information and fun. We hope you will find some time to come and visit us again at The Sandy Bay Probus Club in Sandringham. I know all our members would love to see you again also I (Norman Swan) now do the Speakers. Enjoy your family and hopefully see you soon. Yvonne and \Norman

  6. Wonderful to have you home safe and sound, Geoff.
    Many thanks for sharing your latest adventures….your blog, with it’s fantastic photos , has been a delight
    for us all to read . Looking forward to even more stories over the weekend.
    Wendy and Rod.

  7. Well done Geoff on your travels,have passed on to many friends who have been following you.

    Enjoy a well earned rest until you dream up another trip.

    Ron and the guys at Movingmotorcycles.

  8. Welcome Geoff, I bet the family were so glad to see you and Azulu return safely, including Maggie of course. We have all greatly enjoyed your blog and the wonderful photos, and we look forward to The Book. Don’t forget you are planning a motorbike ride around NZ sometime……… for now rest easy , enjoy being home where the heart is xxVal &Nev

  9. What a fantastic journey you had……….welcome back safely ‘old chap’!!!
    Makes my ‘mouth water’ to do all these places.
    Thank you for all the fantastic commentaries and photos Geoff….well done.
    Hope Azulo doesn’t sulk now!!! What a generous gesture for Azulo.
    Take care

  10. Alex has decided on a career change. Instead of being a geologist he now wants to be a bone cleaner….
    The Kinnon boys and family sound very enterprising with tonnes of energy. Shame there’s no sound on your blog as I’d love to hear their voices too!
    The Quantas museum looks good – tom was particularly fascinated to see the 707 like you flew out on.
    Glad Azulo is fixed too, those parts aren’t cheap!
    Love Karen and family x

  11. Great ‘stuff’ Geoff………boy have I got some travelling in OZ to do! Looks like you are enjoying the
    warmth!! Interesting dinosaur history , love the outback pubs too. So much to see and do…..
    many thanks for your interesting commentary and fabulous photos.
    Safe travelling back.

  12. Such an interesting post Geoff. Love to see photos of those small outback places, with their own character, do hope someone buys and does up the Hughenden pub soon. Would like to myself if I was a bit younger…….We didn’t realise there was so much ancient history to see in outback OZ, with those dinosaurs and therapods and fossils and goodness knows what else. More fascinating than the old Roman pots and coins I used to help dig up in St.Albans years ago. The Kinnon boys sure gave you an exhausting day out ,but I’m sure you enjoyed that experience in retrospect anyway! Nev was very interested in the planes at the Qantas museum. And last but not least a good photo of Martin and family with The Auld Mug, what an exciting day that was. Take care on the way homexxVal&Nev

  13. Superb post, full of great pictures and fun stories. You seem to find the most fascinating places and people on your trips. Loved the enterprise of the Kinnon boys, where do they get the energy!! Its interesting how different the scenery is now to the last few posts. The children at school send a big, loud thankyou to you for mentioning them, in their words “they are now famous”. Your web site will be used again for Aboriginal art. Alan asked me to add that your post is the ultimate proof of Murphy’s law of proof reading – typos only show up after final publication. Ignore him!!! Go well Wendy and Alan

  14. Really enjoyed reading this, Geoff. The farm day sounds the most fun.
    Bloody freezing down here so I warmth envy.

    I was trying to get back up to the Gold Coast – had a couple of weeks with John and family but I had to come back. John stayed up there waiting for my return but my 2nd cat minder pulled out so John is now driving home. Mind you, the apartment at the Coast doesnt have proper heating and it was 11/12 degrees at night!

    I have not been very mobile due to a frayed leg tendon. Been quite depressing really. Though there is some guy in Melbourne who is doing stem cell regeneration apparently. Really rather be off having adventures like you are. So good on you – we are here but once and it aint a rehearsal! Shirley x

  15. Hi Geoff

    Just a follow up with you about speaking at the Donvale Central Probus Club on Tuesday 19th September as we discussed in May
    Are you still OK for that date ? please let me know ASAP
    I have been following you trip and what an interesting way you depict each area also magic photos ,,,,I look forward to meeting you continued fun on your travels Trevor

  16. Your photos have inspired Alex to do his own aboriginal painting as I said I’d love one like the ones in your photos so fingers crossed I’ll soon the the proud owner of a masterpiece.
    I thought for a minute that the man at the top of the waterfall was you, Geoff! Pleased it wasn’t! Floating in the water looks much more fun to me….
    Looks like you both had a fabulous time x

  17. Glad Azulo is back on the road again. Alex was impressed by the size of the birds nest and thinks the snake won’t be hungry for a while now. I however am impressed by the size of that baramundi as well as being rather jealous as that’s my favourite fish to eat.
    We did a RFDS museum when in Cairns that was fascinating so I liked seeing your photos here. Enjoy the next bit of your trip

  18. Hi Geoff, Many thanks for the great photos and fascinating travelogue.on your round
    Australia trip! Your photos of Mt Isa were especially nostalgic as this was where I had
    my first job. When you hit Townsville don’t forget to visit Magnetic Island which is a very
    unique place, especially the first settlement there at Picnic bay.

    Cheers Noel

  19. Glad to see that you’re mobile again, and sending great photos once more.
    Having said that, I must agree with your ugh! comment regarding the snake. But I’ve never seen that before – thanks for the experience!
    Interesting to hear about captain Cook; you and he have the repairing of “means of transport” in common.
    Perhaps you should rename Azulo “Endeavour 2”.
    Fishing expedition looks great fun, and good value.

  20. Hi Geoff, your comments for the children were lovely, and I am sure they will be very excited to read them so I will let you know. Very gruesome seeing a snake attack that poor bird. We were very impressed over the size of your “catch of the day”….bet it tasted good. Fantastic that Azulo is back on the road it even looked as if he had received a polish. Super photos and text. Am now going to look up Burke and Wills, thanks to you we get a travel blog and a history lesson thrown in. Take care and go well.

    • I really like the thouht of the kids looking at the blog!
      No…no polish for Azulo till we get home…don’t want to spoil him!

  21. Hi Geoff. Glad the bike is OK. Also good that you might get the extra
    guide component. Seeing you handle the fish I thought of Ernest Hemingway and ” the Old Man an The Sea” played by Spencer Tracy.
    Legendary stuff. Have you ever considered buying a trawler for a bit of deep sea fishing.
    Drive carefully as we will need you in good shape at Rye when you’re

  22. Hi Geoff,
    Glad to see you are on the road again. We are now home from our trek across Arnhem Land from Nhullonboy to Darwin – not for a motor bike though – road too corrugated!
    Did you see the large croc in the main street at Normantown – absolutely huge!.
    Look forward to seeing you on your return and having a good chat about NW Aust.

    • Hi Geoff

      Yes, i did see the large Croc in Normanton…took a photo…should have included it in the blog…Hope you enjoyed your trip…look forward to hearing about it

  23. Good to see both you and Azulo are back on the road again, Geoff !
    Love the purple colour scheme of the hotel at Normanton, it looks to be a well-kept town.
    Not surprising to learn that your poor camera is worn out, lucky the phone was able to take a shot of your handsome fish…most impressive, and delicious, no doubt.
    Travel safely as you head closer to home….and very cold weather.
    Wendy and Rod.

    • Hi Wenners
      You’ll be plaesed to hear i bought a new camera in Cairns. It is still a Sony but it has a viewfinder…I don’t know how i existed without one!

  24. Hi Geoff
    Hope your enforced rest is as good as possible
    If you haven’t done a mine tour I thought it was quite good
    Your comments on people at dinner I found interesting I think it happens the world over Carl and I have decided some people like the sound of their own voices
    Hope you are on your way again soon
    Marg and Carl

    • Thanks Kev and Janice
      It was so good seeing you again and it couldn’t have been better timing. I really enjoyed your company and we had some good fun didn’t we? Can’t stop thinking of those little birds in the nest seeing the snake coming over. Glad I’m human!
      I hope I see you again before long … maybe Isle of Mann in 2020?

  25. Hi Geoff, hope things are improving for you as you sounded uncharacteristically down. Poor Azulo, maybe a few days rest will do him good. Tell the mechanic he has to fix that bike as it is famous throughout the world!! We raised a decanter of sherry to your good health, and we’re enjoying the view from the balcony! We’re sure you can guess where we are! The Condor Ferry just went past. On a brighter note, your pictures of the amazing Aboriginal art and the artist were shown to the class of children and much appreciated. Good luck with the repairs. Alan and Wendy

    • Hi Wendy
      Thats great to hear the Aboriginal Art was shown to the school ckids. Lovely thought
      I wish we were with you in the Channel Islands…wasn’t that a lovely break…almost a year ago now!

  26. Oh dear Geoffers, what a shame. Azulo had been such a sturdy friend!
    (If you had not swanned off when at the British Oxygen stint in the workshops, you might have been able to make a chain guide – I bet Chris could!)
    Truly sorry about all this.
    But, as you say, you seem to have met some quite extraordinary people whilst you are kicking your heels – quite interesting really. Good job we’re normal, isn’t it !!
    Hope the bike parts arrive soon and are not too expensive.
    Best wishes,

    • Funny Vic…I’ve always regretted swanning off on my welding and engineering courses at BOC…what an opportunity missed. Yers it would be a piece of cake making a chain guide…if only…

  27. Oh deary me Geoff, what a pain. Poor Azulu too. Well at least you are somewhere (reasonably) civilised, and they can help you both get mobile again.
    We will be sending you lots of good vibes – not much else we can do I’m afraid!
    Val and Nev

  28. Bad times. One wonders if Azulo (and you?) might be reaching his limits with travelling. The need for parts, and especially the manufacturing of a chain guide on the road brings the book “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” to mind. Have you ever read it?
    Francis – Barrington, NS

    • Hi Francis
      Nice to hear from you. How is beautiful Novas Scotia?
      No I havent read Zen and the art of Motorcycle maintenance…I’ll look it up…
      Yes, youre probably right that Azulo and I are probably nearing retirement…
      Howis your writing going…any new books?

  29. Oh dear…….as you say when you are having ” a bad hair day’ it just gets worse.!
    Good that you still have your sense of humour. Sounds like a few good days coming up with your friends…
    or at least I hope so…….well deserved.
    Its freezing in Melbourne…….sunny but very chilly.
    Hope all goes well for the rest of the trip. Stay safe and enjoy the rest Geoff!

    • Thanks Margaret
      At least I’m in a nice hotel now with a good bar and restaurant and it’s beautiful weather here.
      Hopefully the parts will arrive on monday…

  30. Hi Geoff – not posted for a while but we’re still on the pillion. You’re seeing some fabulous parts of the country and the pics are superb. Glad Merry managed the mountaineering and that that “idiot” survived the drop! All that, and you managed to get Azulo over the damage the other “idiot” caused. Hope the rest of the trip goes well. All the very best from us in St Albans.

  31. Wow! rather excited we scored a spot in the blog and even a photo(thank you). It was so lovely catching up in Darwin and getting to meet Merry. Glad your ongoing adventures went well and if get near Toowoomba, even brisbane or coast give us a shout and will try and catch up. Travel safe. J.A

  32. Hi Goeff ..great talking to you and your wife in Coolina NT last week,loved all your story’s.
    Hope the KLR is still going strong.. if you are passing through Coffs Harbour would be great to catch up.
    Cheers Mick Reynolds

  33. Hi DOB, really nice pix! I do wonder though
    … did you -of course secretly – take out your pocket knife and drill a lil’ tiny hole into the Boab Tree …?? You must be curious as me, it they indeed are filled with water, perhaps even wine??

  34. Sounds like a brilliant leg of your trip for scenery! We wanted to do the Bungle Bungles when we were in Oz but there wasn’t enough time unfortunately. I saw them when Neighbours went there and that was enough to want to go someday! Was that the Quantas Ad that cost 3 million USB to make? That was Australia’s most expensive ever advert and nearly the top in the world but it is stunning, I’ll admit. Karen x

  35. Several things – Alex reckons you and Azulo would have been way better than the stunt drivers, I got very excited when you said about Ken Duncan – we have two of his pictures of Sydney. However seeing your photo of Mitchell Falls he does have very serious competition.
    It sounds like you’ve met more friendly people, who also love taking photos, so even more for us to enjoy seeing.
    Enjoy your time with Merry. Karen and family x

  36. Fantastic blog, Geoff, and more wonderful photos,wonderful to read….as always.
    Love the shots of Mitchell Falls, maybe you could have offered Ken a few tips.
    Glad you are enjoying Darwin as much as we did, a fascinating place to visit.
    Have fun exploring Kakadu with Merry, we look forward to hearing all about it.
    Wendy and Rod.

  37. Wow!
    And all this is (nearly) on your doorstep!
    As usual, I feel like I’ve missed an awful lot, but very glad that you have been able to “educate” me.
    I appreciate the complimentary professionally selected photo of the falls. It’s amazing how some people have the knack of picking the right spot and time for a snap.
    Look forward to the next episode.


  38. Brings back memories of the wonderful times we had touring all that area. I still have a boab nut given to me by an engineer building the Argyle dam that was carved by an aboriginal with a nail and painted after. We stayed in the Engineers Hostel which is now the Country Club Resort.

  39. Hi Geoff. Terrific photos. Makes us both realise how little we’ve done to check out our own country. Certainly know more about other countries than we do about Northern Australia. Hope you have a god time exploring Darwin and the Northern Territory,
    Rod & Wendy

  40. Superb photos of some magical places, we are thoroughly enjoying our armchair travel while you do the hard work! The tale of Jandamarra was fascinating, he certainly kept the police busy. Loved the aerial shots of such a stunning landscape. Hope Azulo is coping with the roads – go well.

    • Hi Wendy
      Glad you like the photos. Yes Azulo is coping well with the roads.(touch wood)
      Actually they are very good mostly and i haven’t had to go on many dirt roads with Azulo

  41. So interesting to see how things have changed. I remember all ti well driving to One Arm Point but it was a closed Aboriginal town. Driving to Winjana Gorge the spark plug lead bounced off driving along the Gibb River Road. Did you swim with the ‘freshies’ in the gorge? There were several on the sand. Looking forward to the next stage. Cheers Paul

  42. Great photos and commentary, Geoff. John and really enjoy reading this. John always wanted to go to the Kimberleys and I wasnt fussed. We went finally and I loved it. Want to visit more. Loved the aerial shots. And the story. Thanks.

  43. Geoff, We’ve been to many of the places you are visiting (such as the Horizontal Falls) but your photographs and personal experiences (especially from the air) bring back the original wonderment we felt. Congratulations. You are showing off the very best of Australia to all your friends – and the world.

  44. Phew! Lucky escape for you with Azulo there! Very relieved you’re okay. Alex loved seeing the photos of Kariji and I think is planning our holiday next year around rocks, road trains and trains with 280 wagons…….. Not sure he’ll want to stay in a donga though!
    Did you see any pebble mounds in kariji national park? There’s a pebble mound mouse there that builds them – sounds a perfect character for a kids cartoon to me!
    We’re still enjoying riding pillion round Australia with you! X

  45. Once again your notes and pictures have given us a fascinating and colourful picture of Australia. The gorge at Karijini is breath-taking and the intense colour of the earth against the sky is stunning. Thank goodness we don’t have road trains here as they would block the M25 (its always blocked anyway) Glad to read that Azulo is back to full health, that bike is a treasure. Not sure about the Dongas but the rest of your blog beats any travel guide ever written. The shots of the whale sharks were stunning, what a fantastic experience. David Attenborough better watch out he has a rival. Good luck and thank you for giving us a great ride on your pillion!Wendy and Alan

  46. Those Dongas are more expensive than a hotel room in London!. Did you ever find out the derivation of the word Donga?
    I’ve heard about the road trains; they look pretty evil. Wonder what they’re like to drive?
    The luck of the Bransburys is still there! You were so fortunate about that damaged fuel line.
    Love that photo of the sunset – Sunset Bar, Cable Beach. You should sell it to the tourism board!
    Keep the blog going – look forward to them all.


  47. The dongas used to be just fabricated huts before sea containers. A bloke I worked with had one blown to bits around him during a cyclone and had to run for another.
    I see the prices are still the same. I had 23 years in the Pilbara and nothing was cheap.
    Good going with the fuel line. We know who had the tank off last.

  48. Hi Branners – Very slow to get on board this trip, but had some time this morning and must say it was a great time to join in with your whale shark expedition. As usual the photos are superb and I’m pleased to see everything (apart from the puncture) has gone so well. Good luck with the rest of the journey.

  49. Hi Geoff, You are lucky to be there at this time of year. When Margie and I camped at Ningaloo a few years ago with John, Rachel and our grandchildren it was the wrong season. However, the corals and fish were spectacular as your photos show. Don’t hurry back to the cold,cloudy weather here in Melbourne with winter just starting. Enjoy Broome and have a beer for me at the Sunset Bar at the Cable Beach Club. Cheers, Ken

    • Maybe a detour to Exmouth or Coral Bay on your next visit to Broome Ken!
      I’m looking forward to meeting the family. I’m a bit easrlier than expected so I hope im not putting them out at all
      Hope all goes well at Probus.

  50. Hi Geoff,
    A bit behind with this tour! Just catching up and more still to see. Fascinating! My dream is to come to Oz one day — think it may stay a dream as John cannot travel abroad — but hey ho — you never know! Meantime I shall tour in your pocket! Good luck with tent and tyres!
    Gill & John

  51. What is the giant donut in the first picture and the rainbow of shipping containers?
    Freemantle looks lovely and is now on my places to visit if we come back to Oz.
    What a fun coincidence bumping into Geoff!
    Karen x

  52. As usual fantastic photos. Alex is very jealous you swam with whale sharks – he loves them…… A lot!
    The memorial to the HMAS Sydney looks emotional yet beautiful and I’m sure was a sight. The weather looks a lot better now than previously. Phil and I are curious how your foot actually fitted in that boot – it looks a good 4cm shorter than the other one!
    I’m now off to read about the HMAS Sydney, the Batavia and Hutt River province. Azulo’s new stocker looks great! Love us allx

    • Hi Karen
      The Batavia story is amazing isnt it.
      Alex will be green with envy with my next post! You’ll all have to come over?

  53. Fantastic pictures, this is the way to travel, and we are learning about the less known parts of Australia. The memorial with the seagulls was stunning. Most impressed with the tent, and Azulo standing guard outside. Alan wants to know if Hutt River Principality accepts refugees, as I have always wanted to become a Princess! Why is the lake pink? You should take your old boots home and turn them into a garden feature, they would be a fitting souvenir of your travels! I finished the 30 shirts painted in Aboriginal style and the children did a play on Australia, along with playing a didgeridoo and singing about Australian animals. Thirty 6 year olds know you are travelling and are following your progress on a map. Travel safely and avoid punctures! Wendy and Alan

    • HRH Prince Alan and Princess Wendy sounds good!
      Should have thought about my boots as a garden feature….I dont think there are any flowers that could cope with the smell!
      Well done with your shirts…sounds like hard work.
      Give the kids my love. I love the thought that they are riding pillion.

  54. Hi Geoff.
    Lovely commentary of your trip to date. Much of your reporting brings back fond memories of my social studies classes at school – particularly the history surrounding the battle between the Sydney and the Kormoran. The Hutt River province has been a contentious piece of work on Leonard’s part for so many years now that it seem nobody is in a hurry to bring Len to account. Put it down to tourism !!
    Keep up the excellent correspondence and photos, Geoff – first class !
    Cheers and safe travelling – from Steve and Di.

  55. Great reading about your latest episode.
    What a bugger about the puncture. Can you get “run flat” tyres for bikes (my car has them)?
    Your old boots with the gaffer tape are very much more than “past their used by date” – when did you buy them? You must be floating in your new ones.
    I like your panorama shots (in addition to the normal ones). It seems to give a new perspective.
    Also loved the monument that included the seagulls – very apt.
    I have decided to research the local history of our home town, with the aim of establishing the Principality of Crockham Hill. If that is possible, then the net step will be to hold a Formula 1 race to knock spots of the Monaco Grand Prix. The pits would be down our road – Froghole; I would rent out my garage for an extortionate rate. Dream on!

    • Good luck HRH Vic and Princess Gill….Can I get a visa?
      Those old boots have done well. The new ones are great though!

  56. Your friend, Nicole , is definitely winning the sunset photo comp, Geoff. Beautiful shot.
    Good to see you are getting to know your tent a bit better….looks compact!!!!
    Cold, wet and windy here today….enjoy the sun and warmth in WA.
    Wendy and Rod.

    • I was going to cheat and claim the sunset picture was mine…Just to fool you… but she wanted me to acknowledge her copyright! Bugger

  57. Yes, Geoof, typical, show us interesting pictures and sunshine whilst we freeze our bits off in Melbourne!

    My armchair is loving it. Sitting by the fire with our old Singaporean ginger puss, looking at the photos. Very interesting.

    The bird memorial is rather sad and sweet at the same time.

    Loved the pic of the Germans. That was kind of them.

    Shirley x.

  58. Hi Geoff. Such adventures you manage to have! It all sounds very interesting – whets my appetite to do that stretch between Perth & Broome. Have fun & stay safe! Beware bounding kangaroos crossing the road!

  59. Great photos and commentary once again. The Hutt River Province sticker is the most impressive of all your worldwide stickers! Happy and safe travels. Enjoy Kurinji NP. I’ve checked out images on Google and it looks stunning.
    Lots of love. Xxx. M

  60. Hi Geoff………..great stuff. You have had your share or more of bad luck. Good to see you are back ‘running”! Loved the pics. and history lessons……….you could be charging for this.
    Keep safe and enjoying it all. Wonderful.

    • Hi Jenny
      Thanks for your comment. I can live without the camping…I’ve done 4 nights now…thats a record for me!

  61. Terrific photos again, Geoff, they paint such a wonderful picture of your travels.
    So glad you and Merry had such a great week together, it was good to catch up
    with her this morning. Coffee and travel stories are always most enjoyable.
    Ride safely.
    Wendy and Rod.

    • Hi Margartet
      Actually the weather hasn’t been terrific…cold with showers. i just managed to take most of the photos when there was blue sky!

  62. Those caves look fantastic; love to see them in the “flesh”
    I don’t think you mentioned anything about setting of the smoke alarm in an earlier blog; what else are you keeping to yourself! But what a coincidence.
    Very impressed with the photos of the prison; Gill has always wanted to visit a prison with “real” inmates.
    You seemed to be doing all right with the wine tasting – 5 glasses on the table and one in your hand, together with a satisfied grin!
    But, time to stop enjoying yourself – get back on the bike!
    Love to you and Merry.
    Vic & Gill

  63. WA is a great place and the SW is really special with the trees etc.
    I hope you enjoy your ride up north – there is some fantastic scenery to see and very different to what you have been through. The Kimberleys are our favourite place in the world – unique!.
    Look forward to your next post.

  64. Hi Geoff, Seems as though my message disappeared somewhere. Loved your commentary
    and had a good chuckle re some of it. Love the history of WA…..great shots again.
    Loved the cows at Cowarmarup ? country girl coming out!
    Hope you both enjoy Margaret River area. Keep it rolling, great stuff.
    Take care, safe travels.

  65. Hi Geoff……I’m a bit late with a reply, but enjoyed it all again immensely. Had a chuckle about a few
    things in your commentary. All good stuff. Hope you enjoy Margaret River, I loved the cows at
    Cowarmarup? hope that’s correct spelling.
    Take care and enjoy your time in WA. Thanks Geoff.

  66. I’m so glad to see you properly dressed to play golf – very British keeping up the Standards!
    Love the story about renaming the street(s); real outside-the-box stuff.
    Great photos again – David Bailey would be proud!
    Keep the blogs coming.

  67. Margaret River is where my great, great grandparents settled, firstly at Ellensbrook now national Trust, just up the road. they were part of the Bussell family. Hence Bussellton. I love that part of the world. Hope you both have fun!

  68. Hi Geoff – Great pictures and story-telling as ever; it’s always a joy to be on your pillion. We’re learning so much! And I really loved that walkway at the Gap! We’re certain that you’ll have a great time after meeting up with Merry. I wondered what the Margaret River would be like so I looked it up – I should have guessed! The web site says “world class wineries and award-winning restaurants”. Hope you can get back on the bike afterwards!!!!
    Enjoy – and go well!
    Wendy and Alan

  69. Hello So glad your trip is going without too many hiccups (the diesel moment !!!!) Have a lovely time with merri so glad she is totally repaired. Look forward to next post and wonderful pictures.
    Yvonne and Norman Swan
    Sandy Bay Probus Club Sandringham

    • Hi Yvonne and Norman
      I really can do without the hiccups but I suppose it’s all part of it.. they are what you remember later.
      We’re in Margaret River now having a rest

  70. Great photos Geoff, I really look forward to them. But we never expected to see one of Stonehenge in Oz! Maybe some Druids around somewhere…..
    Hope you and Merry have a really good break together. xx Val Nev

    • H Val and Nev
      Spent last night with Juliets son Alex and his wife Rachel in Bunbury. We rang Juliet which was nice. We’re now in Margaret River sampling the food and wine
      Love G

  71. For us uneducated “Poms” what is OMO sand? I looked it up and all I got was Unilever Omo washing conditioner and a weird artists Facebook page…..
    The sand looks amazing with all those wavy lines in.
    That Stonehenge is in a much better condition than the one here and doesn’t have any barriers either!
    The politicians have good ideas there – now trying to imagine what Theresa May and Jeremy Corbin would come up with….
    Enjoy golf with Gordon while I try and find out more about Black Jack Anderson as he sounds a character!
    PS – over the “senior” moment – Phil did that about 8 years ago so if you don’t like saying it’s a senior moment use the same reason he did – bad labelling! 😉
    Have a fabulous time with Merry too. Love Karen, Phil and the boys x

    • Hi Karen
      Don’t you have OMO washing powder in UK?
      It’s meant to wash whiter than white!
      That’s what I meant… the sand could have been washed with OMO!

  72. Glad that you survived Kalgoorlie without getting into too much trouble Geoff and great photos of the landscape.
    Hope you and Merry have a great time touring. Presumably Azulo won’t mind a few days off as well.
    Rod & Wendy

  73. Whatever the disasters you face, Geoff, you always seem to land on your feet. Such resilience. Some magnificent scenery as always from a Master Photographer. Not to mention the history lessons. Pleased to hear that Merri is arriving to supervise your trip to Margaret River.

    • Hi Peter
      Thanks for your confidence in my ability to get out of trouble. My problem though is that I manage to get into trouble in the first place!

  74. Hello my friend. Glad to hear Azulo has been such a good boy. Loving the photos. John and I visited Albany years ago and loved it. Sitting in my window seat looking out over the bay whilst reading a travel brochure on Mongolia and Russia. Say hi to Merry. Shirley

  75. Great Stuff Geoff. Would you believe that I crossed the Nullabor in 1957 in the Mobilgas Round Australia rally in a Renault Dauphine. The car gave up by the time we got to Broome and we had to limp home with our exhaust pipe between our legs.
    I am enjoying the luxury of travelling in the comfort of my study, and am certainly loving the great photos and descriptions. Pity about the lack of photos from skimpy night.

    • John
      Amazing! What was the road like then? What a journey you had. Mine is very tame by comparison
      I’ve booked for the whale sharks at Coral Bay. I’m really looking forward to that

    • Hi Moon
      Glad you’re enjoying the blog. How do you like your new President? He looks good but seems odd to me he can get elected with no party and not much experience. Don’t think that can happen here or UK with the Westminster system. Interesting.

    • Hi Peter
      Thanks for your message. I thought Lake Eyre would have more water too but it takes months for the Queensland rains to work their way down. Need to go back around Xmas!

  76. Really glad you found your camera! As usual your photos are great, Alex in particular loves the trucks, I love the sea.
    Alex looked up the tree and found the red river gum, or Eucalyptus cameldulmensis so wonders if it’s that. I love the choice of places on that sign – particularly Cocklebiddy. Looking at our map following your journey I’m convinced town names in Australia had a sense of humour! Stay out the way of those trucks! Karen and Alex x

    • Thanks Alex!
      The Turks don’t look as big in pictures as they do in reality. They are absolutely huge. A rookie truck driver gets paid $70,000 (45,000 pounds) Not bad for starters. They are always looking for workers so there is an opportunity for Alex or Tom?
      Love Geoff

  77. Am enjoying travelling with you from the comfort of an armchair. Would you be surprised if I said I would prefer to be riding pillion with you?? Ha, ha – don’t think so! Once again, great pics.
    Looking forward to next week and a more comfortable way of travel.
    Xxxx. M

  78. So glad you found your camera. Loved the Head of Bight & Bunda cliffs……..spectacular.
    Haven’t been to the places on your ride……so something to look forward to at some stage.
    Must be very tiring riding solo, you are amazing.
    Population of Kalgoorlie? Looks very interesting!!!
    Thanks again Geoff…… riding, keep enjoying. Look forward to the next one.

    • Hi Margaret
      Yes it does get lonely, probably more so on this trip. The comments on the blog really help me and give me company!
      I did feel my age after riding 1500 k in two days. Too much for me now! This getting old stuff is not recommexded!

  79. Fantastic, Geoff, we love reading your blog and great photos…as always!!
    So lucky to find your camera, your “Good Angel” is doing a fine job.
    Cold, wet and windy here in Melbourne…enjoy the warm, sunny weather
    in Western Australia.
    Wendy and Rod.

  80. Hi Geoff, we were getting twitchy about the lack of blog and pictures. Glad everything is OK but most importantly that you found your camera. The pictures are superb and getting the background story to the area is really great. Just one thing, what is that Dalek doing on the platform in the last picture? Are they Dr. Who fans or escapees from the BBC? May the sun continue to shine, no repeats of Lower Slaughter!! Love Wendy and Alan

    • Hi Shirley
      Great to have you pillion again
      I hope you’re feeling better.
      It’s been too long since we saw you and John. We must fix that on my return
      Love G

    • Thanks Rob. Those gum trees look sunburned. I don’t think I’ve seen them in Victoria but I’m not really big on trees!

  81. Hi Geoff, so glad you are not the disappearing man and great to get your blog and the super photos. Like Bill I nearly rang Merry to ask! Wi-Fi use out in those vast empty spaces must be quite a problem. Perhaps you do need a dongle whatever that is! Valx

  82. As interesting as usual. We really do look forward to receiving the latest news.
    What interesting people you find!
    Don’t forget to say something really English when you leave; like “toodle pip” !
    Vic & Gill

    • Hi Juliet
      Thanks. We’re looking forward to seeing Alex and Rachel on 15th. Seems so far away from where I am now though!

  83. Well done Geoff braving the elements………what a pity it turned on a wet ‘welcome’ to your
    start of the journey. Anyway, your photography is up to your amazing standard.
    I was born in the Western district……….10 miles out of Colac on a farm right on the Princes Highway…..towards Camperdown.
    Lived in Warrnambool too…………a wonderful place.
    Safe travels and take care! Hope the weather improves.

  84. Thanks for the great photos Geoff. Hanife and I love the outback and get a great kick out of reliving our trips through your blog. Take care and continue to have a grand adventure around OZ. John and Hanife B.

  85. Hi, didn’t get another blog so had to ring Merry to hear how you were. She said you were having trouble getting the internet and you were OK. Glad you managed to get to the Flinders Ranges as had a wonderful week there a few years ago. Keep blogging !!! Bill

  86. We loved reading your latest installment, Bill sounds like he has had a colourful life. Alex particularly likes the photos from Lake Eyre, and says the red one looks like volcanic rock! (his favourite thing).
    I hope the weather (and wifi) improve for you too.
    Karen and Alex
    PS – we went to Bunnings at the weekend and met an Aussie who was visiting relatives up North but came down here purely to see Bunnings!

    • Alex is right it does look like volcanic rock. What do think of Bunnings? Glad you like the blog… it was a long time coming.

      • I loved it! Phil wasn’t too sure the first time he went (I’ve not forgiven him yet for going without me!) as he said the aisles are narrower and as its a warehouse the shelves are stacked to the ceiling, which is unlike our DIY stores. However, they had a HUGE range of products, all really good prices, and a lot said they were from Australia too! Their customer service was absolutely excellent, and not what we’re used to in a DIY store! And the sausages were good……

  87. Good to have you back in touch with us all again, Geoff, very frustrating for a champion Blogger not to be able to share his adventures!!! We are so pleased you were able to fly over Lake Eyre after making your big detour,
    wonderful photos as usual.
    Wendy and Rod.

  88. Great pics. Glad you have managed to get wi-fi, even if you had to travel as far as Ceduna to get it. The Siberians and South Americans need to give the Aussie govt. a few lessons in up to date wi-fi coverage! Safe (and dry) travels. Watch out for the roos and road trains. Xxx

    • Thanks Merry. I probably should have bought a dongle… can you ask Stu what he thinks… I could get one in Esperance maybe?

  89. Hi Geoff
    What a great trip …
    If you are back in Melbourne in August or September would you consider talking at our Probus Club
    Donvale Central Probus Club in East Doncaster
    Trevor Nichol Speaker Coordinator
    0408 373 500
    We have about 100 at each meeting and it would be great to hear about your adventures
    The worst part of the invitation is that we offer a bottle of wine or $25 Coles voucher in appreciation
    look forward to hearing from you regards Trevor

      • Great news!!
        Either Tuesday August 15th or Tuesday September 19th which ever is most convenient for you
        10.30am to greet finish at 12 noon

        Look forward to your reply
        with thanks

  90. Geoff,
    My family and I will be coming to Australia this June 30th-July 10th. We will mostly be in Sydney as my son is attending the Hillsong United conference.
    How long is your big trip around Australia going to take you?
    Cheers, Bryan.

    • Yes, Alex as a volcano expert would like Mt Gambia. Looks like you better save the pennies for the flight over?

  91. Looks like a great trip – Saw the perfect biker patch the other day that made me think of you.. “Sons of Arthritis”… At this point you could be a charter member of the Nurofen Chapter! so the image of you trying to put on your wet weather togs brought that image right back… May your seat stay comfortable and never ride faster than your angel can fly!!


    • Glad you like the arty photo. I have to try and stay in the photo comp!
      Wilpena Pound tomorrow hopefully, I’ll look for your painting

  92. Bon Voyage Geoff.
    An interesting diversion from Kalgoorlie is north to Menzies,about 50 k, then west about 20 k to Lake Ballard, a salt lake with weird sculptures.
    Another remarkable place we have experienced is Mill Stream/ Chichester National Park, an historic sheep/cattle station – a couple of hours inland from Karatha.
    As you are ” going past”! they may fit into your itinerary.

    • Thanks Alan and Robyn
      Appreciate the input I’ll see how I’m going and if time permits I’ll go…. I don’t dare be late for Merry!

    • HI Maggie
      Thanks for looking…. we visited Mt Gambier in 1970. It wasn’t blue then either
      Yes I hope the weather improves. It’s not much fun on a bike in the wet and cold. This is Australia though so I’m sure it won t last long!

  93. Sorry about the rain Geoff. Poor Azulu! Your touching photo of the Anzac veteran mirrored the scene at St.Heliers parade yesterday. Really hot calm day, several young flag bearers keeled over in the heat. Nev marched in support of the vets, so few of them left., a 100 year old being pushed in a wheelchair. Great fly past at 11am. Drive well, xx

  94. Hi Geoff, sorry you got so wet. Look after Azulo, that machine has a personality all of its own and also a fan club! We feel that the local TV and newspapers should be informed of this journey, there are not many people who can complete this epic trip. The pictures are good and we are checking out each of your destinations. I am currently doing Aboriginal art with the class…..spots everywhere, including all over me. Take care, Wendy & Alan

  95. Hey Geoff: Getting close to the STARTING LINE!!
    Is all set for the flag down? Sounds a mighty big circumnavigation but guess that’s Oz. Have you got a Union Jack sticker on Azulo?

    Have fun – don’t get dizzy – Good to hear Merry is joining with you for a part of the route! Even by car.
    Go safely and mind the Roos and the Smokeys this time!!!
    I think Andrew is going to have to sail a long way to meet up with you in 2017?
    The Hobbs in Barkshire near Queen Liz’s shack!!

  96. I can’t wait to log on and catch up with a feed of photo’s (including video), stories & adventure, looking forward to hearing about the Australian version of plover Geoff
    I will be off on a less ambitious ride myself from May 19th till early June at the Ulysses AGM in Port Macauarie, I have a new BMW 1600 cruiser to do it in comfort….Happy riding Geoff,

    • That’ll be a nice ride Stuart on your new bike. Azulo is getting a bit long in the tooth now so I hope he hangs in there!

    • Thanks Juliet. Lucy is heading for England soon… she’s in Nepal doing voluntary acupuncture. Loving it I think

  97. Hi Geoff, I enjoyed our chat at Chris and Alice’s wedding. Looking forward to following your next adventure. I’m heading to the USA early May to do some travelling with a friend from Tucson. Hopefully some of it on two wheels. Cheers, Peter

  98. Hi Geoff. Best wishes from Sandy Bay Probus Club we all hope you have an exciting and a safe trip around OZ and come back with lots of stories. Also we send our our best wishes to Merry on her very long recovery.
    After your return to Melbourne and a good rest we would really love to arrange for your to come to our Club again, for the third time, and give us a talk and pictures of your trip. We would like to suggest either October or November 2017 or February, April, May, June, July, August, September, October or November 2018 your choice, nothing like booking in advance. Since your last visit to us in June 2015 we have, of course, lots of new members who have not had the pleasure of meeting you hearing about your funny and exciting adventures on Azulo.

    We look forward to hearing from you and myself and Yvonne will be following your trip.


    Norman Swan


  99. Hi Geoff. Enjoyed sharing some of your Sth American travels at the Probus meeting and look forward to hearing about some more of your adventures. Enjoy your travels around OZ. Lots to see and do. Have a safe and trouble free trip. Regards Cathy

  100. The coast road from Exmouth to Broome has little to see. Perhaps the top of a sand dune in the distance. Please consider going inland to Tom Price and Karajini national park and perhaps the mining roads to Marble Bar on the way. Check out the WA National Park site.
    Alan (Paterson Lakes probus 2nd Feb 2017)

  101. Just like to say I really enjoyed your talk today a PATTERSON lakes Probus I missed you last year worse luck good luck on your trip around Australia

  102. Goeff –
    Looks like an amazing trip around Australia! We have done some of your route, started in Albany and headed up the west coast through Perth, Broom and Darwin. Only difference is we flew, and weren’t on a motorcycle!
    Have a wonderful trip and we look forward to “traveling with you.”

    • Hi Maria and Bruce

      I hope you are both well. Pity we had to cancel USA trip. Merry still not the best but coming along. it was a bad ankle break
      She’ll meet me in Perth and Darwin
      I start at the end of April. Look forward to you both as my pillions!
      Love Geoff

  103. Looks like quite a ride and I imagine you’ll encounter some different climates BUT at least it is still home!! Should make it easier searching accomodation etc. It’s about time you truly explored your own country. Have a great trip and keep the post and pics coming please!

      • Hi Geoff, I sure will be a pillion passenger….. all the best, take care, travel safely and enjoy.
        Probus would like you to come again after your travels in October or November if that is
        possible please!
        Look forward to seeing it all.

  104. Can’t quite work out the route on the south west; Albany – Margaret River – Perth.
    Looks like an enormous round-about, and the only way to cover all would be to go over some of the same route twice. Have you chosen poorly ?

    • Hi Vic

      The reason for the roundabout in WA is because Merry meets me in Perth and we hire a car and visit the wine are of Margaret River. I think the distance will be close to 20,000 kms on the clock

  105. Good to see you’re getting out again. Haven’t been to Australia, though the prevailing wisdom is that it’s much larger than visitors anticipate… After all, it’s a Continent, not just a country. Good luck!

    • Of course, after the fact I realized you’re an Aussie anyway, so you’re not straying too far from home… Exploring the Big Back Yard.

      • Hi Francis
        How nice to hear from you. I enjoyed your book and loved Nova Scotia. I would like to come back one day with my wife Merry
        Hope you are well

    • Hi Ron
      Good to hear from you
      I hope the motorcycle moving business is going well. My dear old bike is getting long in the tooth but hopefully will cope with the next ride!. Thanks for commenting

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  108. Hi Geoff, Was hoping to pick your brains at the Marysville event a few weeks back.
    Who did you use to get your Russian Visa? I’m shipping my bike to Sth Korea in April next year from Adelaide aiming for Europe via Mongolia and Kazakhstan. Looks like the shipping of yours from Oz to Sth Korea was an honest 6 weeks?? Cheers Neil

  109. HiGeoff,

    Glad you are back safe and sound,wish Mary all the best and once again nice to meet you and you have had a lot of people i know and customers who are thinking of similiar travels checking out your progress.

    ATB Ron and Jeanette

  110. Geoff
    Very cold recently.Like many others we have been in Qld where temps have been 24 degrees.In Melb 11.Will now try and find where you are at.
    Tony B

  111. Well done Geoff! sorry to hear about Merry’s accident, but I’m sure she will be up & running soon. Great trip, although not as exciting as riding across Siberia. where to next?

  112. Welcome home! Glad to see Merry looking well & cheerful. How long will she be in rehab?
    Enjoyed the last blog which showed some parts of the US which were a revelation (to me). Pity you didn’t have more time for this part of the journey.
    Lots of love to Merry.
    Vic & Gill

  113. Hi Geoff

    Congratulations on completing the circle around the globe and commiserations on having to finish sooner than planned
    Best wishes to Merry for a speedy recovery

    Might be down your way later this year and if so would be good to catch up



  114. Hi Geoff,
    Ron here who collected your bike from Edenbridge to James Cargo.
    Glad to see you have finished your epic trip,you sure have seen some sights and met some interesting people.

    Azulo has done you proud,what,s happening to him next.?
    Contact me if you are back in England.
    All the best to you and all for the future.

    Ron P

  115. Glad you’re back home safe and sound. Looks like Merry has right idea – drinking wine to ease the pain. Too bad you couldn’t have brought her back some of that wine we tasted together at Biltmore Estate. Best wishes 🙂

  116. Glad you are safely home, Geoff! What a brilliant journey, you should get out to several meals on all the stories you can tell! Poor Merry, her ankle sounds very painful, so I hope all the surgery goes well. Of course the dogs are miffed because you abandoned them – looks as though they’ve forgiven you now…

  117. Hello Geoff and Merry,
    We have really enjoyed reading your travellers tales and looking at the pictures of the amazing places you have been. In fact we might just go back through the journey for another look!! We will miss your wonderful diaries as we feel we have ridden every mile with you (and Alan is wishing he had drunk every glass of wine with you). Merry looked well, she must be very pleased to have you back home. We hope that the rehab will soon have her on her feet, and also back on her horse. Well done Geoff and well done Azulo for giving so many people yet another fantastic ride through so many miles. Love and best wishes to you and the family, Wendy and Alan

  118. Welcome home Geoff, wonderful for Merry to have you home again and great to catch up with you today.
    Terrific blog, fantastic photos….thanks for sharing your adventure with us all.
    Wendy and Rod.

  119. You really should aprise Kawasaki on your travels and your recommendation. From what I gave read and heard over the years, I suspect a Honda would do as well, but other than that only a BMW from the western world. As popular as they are (especially with Boomers lately), I shudder to think of taking a Harley on such a combined trek.

  120. Welcome home Geoff and hurry up and get well Merry. If you go to Epworth Rehab my daughter Anita Begg works there she will look after you but all the staff are wonderful. Thank you we wish you and your family well, Yvonne and Norman (Sandy Bay Probus Club)

  121. All your photos have been great Geoff, but especially that one of Merry sitting up with her glass of vino.
    She looks really happy, which might just have something to do with you being back home again. Bad luck that the trip ended so abruptly but no doubt you will be riding again another day. Love from all the familyxxx

  122. Rotten stroke of luck for you both. Sorry you had to rush things up but feel even more for Merry who has indeed been put through the ringer. Hoping she’ll be up and at it before long. I highly recommend wine and lots of it.

  123. Thanks for such an interesting ‘trip’ Geoff.
    Guess there is always next year to complete your journeys.
    Hope Merry is up and ” running” sooner than she thinks.
    Look forward to your talk in October.
    I’m off to Turkey in September, back home in mid October after
    seeing my 2 girls in Cologne & Toronto.
    Thanks and all the best.

  124. Hi Geoff,

    It was great to meet you in Houston and yes we like to drink…a lot! You lasted very well. Love your blog and insights into the US. Hope you enjoyed your time in Texas and got to see Big Bend NP. You definitely went to the right places for ribs in Blacks and Lamberts – 2 of the best. Hope Merry is on the mend and you can get back soon. Take care, Sonni & Dave

  125. Hi Geoff,
    Sorry to hear of your wife Merry’s accident and that you will need to cancel or perhaps put on hold the latter portions of your planned trip. Would have thought that you were the more likely candidate for an accident during this adventure – one never knows.
    Hope she recovers quickly and that you both will soon have opportunity to complete your planned trip!
    Regards & Best Wishes, Joe & Irene

  126. Poor Merry, but that is horses for you. If it’s not the horse at the vets, it’s the rider at A&E! Such rotten timing for both of you. You might as well enjoy your remaining tour, but a pity you’ll miss your cruise etc together.
    My stepbrother, Mick Tickner, now retired in L.A. worked on the shuttle and has a NASA medal. Fascinating places you are getting to see! Keep blogging. X Gill

  127. Hi Geoff, poor Merry—-you must be sooo frustrated. Hope the pain is bearable.
    Shame about the Alascan trip, but I’m sure you’ll reschedule and with a bit of luck, our dollar might be worth a bit more!
    Best wishes for a quick recovery.

    It must be a great relief for you to know, Geoff, that Merry is in the best of hands, but nonetheless it must be throwing a pall over your trip.
    Thanks for another great blog.

    Ride safely, Muis.

  128. What a bummer!
    I was amused to see Merry refer to herself as “party Pooper”!
    Along with everyone else, we wish Merry a speedy and painless recovery.

    Glad to see that the bad news has not affected you excellent blog. Must agree that the Americans are so good at the museums etc. I want to visit these places too. I might also try those steaks and ribs, but I’ll pass on the tumblers of wine! Apart from quantity, was the wine quality any good?

    Keep on burning the rubber.


  129. The boys absolutely love you photos of the space centre and are now asking when can we go! I think the Hollywood Davy Crockett looks much better, the real one looks weedy!
    But I am really really sorry to hear about Merry and send her many get well wishes for a speedy and full recovery so maybe you can both replan your Alaskan cruise. Drive safe to LA – it sounds like Merry is in excellent hands until you can get there xx

  130. Hi, Geoff
    As always I’m enjoying your writing and photos. The photos show a different side to America from what we see on TV or films. The same is true from your last trip. Never having been to America I find it very interesting.

    Sorry to hear about Merry’s accident. That scaffolding on her foot looks very similar to the arrangement I had fixed to my ankle when I fell off my bike. Be careful to stay on your bike!
    Look forward to your next posting.
    Cheers Tony

  131. Hi Geoff – and Merry if you get a chance to see this!!!!!!
    We were so sorry to hear of Merry’s altercation – very very very best wishes for a speedy recovery, Merry. And what a relief that Lucy and Stuart are such a support – not just to Merry but to your gastronomic challenges as well! And such a shame that you’ll both miss the Rockies and Alaska. We absolutely loved the Alamo and the Riverwalk – but such a pity that the Alamo seems buried in the middle of town!

    Go well on your shorter trip – don’t push it too much Geoff.

  132. Poor Merry, so unlucky to have such a horrible accident, two operations and then a lengthy rehabilitation
    ahead. To add insult to injury, you will both miss out on your wonderful holiday together.
    We are all here to help as much as we can.
    Wendy and Rod.

  133. Sorry to hear about Merry and her accident…….hope its a speedy recovery.
    Davy Crockett brings back memories… son had a ‘fake fur ‘ one which was loved too.
    So much interesting history Geoff with such an historic country….keep up the good work
    till you leave for home. Thanks, safe travel , hope all goes well.

  134. Hi Geoff,
    We were sorry to read about Merry – please pass on Dee & My best wishes to her for a speedy recovery.
    I remember the Davy Crockett era well. There was also a B&W television series as well as the Movies.
    The Racoon Skin hats in our neighbourhood were rabbit fur and me and my mates had Gecado air rifles and we would shoot at anything that moved , including the local cats! (Thankfully some things have changed for the better)
    Safe travels

  135. From memory Davey’s hat was made from raccoon. Someone brought one back from the U.S. for Cam years ago. He was very envied in the district.
    Travel safely for the remainder of your journey. With love from the Party Pooper. Merry

    • Hi Merry
      I didnt go to art last week so only just heard today about your accident. It sounds terrible and what a pity you have to miss your wonderful holiday in Canada and the U.S. Never mind, they’ll still be there once you’ve recovered. I understand you have to go to rehab–I can recommend Cabribi Hopetoun, having been there twice! The food is excellent but you should request a room in the new wing–chalk and cheese to the old one.

  136. Hi Geoff, so sorry to hear about poor Merry. Being such an active soul I bet she is really fed up. Great that Stu and Lucy and friends are all rallying around. Wish we were closer but will give her a call and keep in touch that way. Enjoyed your blog as per usual, re having wine in tumblers sounds great fun, must try.xxVal

  137. Goeff
    So sorry to hear about Merry. We will miss seeing you both in September, but know you must hurry home to be with her and help with her recovery.
    We will all be here rooting for your safe return to Australia as well as Merry’s rapid recovery.
    Take care
    Marla & Bruce

  138. Sorry to hear about Merry. Ankles can be troublesome joints, and provide a lot of grief on healing. Best to her. Hope your plans can adjust for getting home early. We really don’t know what the next day will bring, do we…..

    It’s a wonder you aren’t at 300 lbs with the great eating you do along the way!

  139. Hey Geoff really sorry to hear of Merry’s accident Please send her our best wishes, good care and swift recovery! Hope your logistics work out well and swiftly to help Merry – love from us to both of you Christopher and Kate

  140. Hi Geoff,
    We have been following your trip with great interest – being of a similar vintage loved the Elvis and Davy Crockett stories. So sad to hear about Merry – dangerous couple you Bransbury’s – always riding something! Hope that she recovers as quickly as possible and that you can get home in a timely manner – am sure that with Lucy and Stuart and your friends she is in good hands. We are off to Norway on Monday so shall be out of touch for about a month so travel safely and give our best wishes to Merry and we shall contact you when we return in early September. Take care mate!

  141. Hi Geoff – love the pics – See that you are in Austin and heading towards LA. Hoping we are still on the agenda – just need to know anticipated dates and I will hoover the spare room!

  142. Hi Geoff,
    Fabulous trip you are having. Absolutely love the photos.
    Sorry that my suggestion of visiting Prof Peter Sheldrake , came too late and would have meant a diversion . Pity ! Do you have room in your inbox for “JOKES” ?
    Last time we were in Athens, the Parthenon was covered in scaffolding, and in need of repair.
    What about suggesting to the Yanks that they should put in an offer , and help with the Greek debt crisis.? Maybe we could act as brokers to the deal ?

  143. Hi its sandra telford the lady that you sat nxt to in halifax airport canada on the 18th june , i was having a latte and you were drinking a coffee which you werent enjoying ,and definatley feel you wouldnt recomend , i was waiting for my daughter to pick me up, i was a couple of hours early ,so was wiling away the time which was filled by the very interesting conversation on your adventures , amazing and i feel quite privileged to have met you much regards , i will visit your blog again and see where you are in the world sandra x

  144. I dooooo like those old buildings – Oak Ally Plantation is spectacular. I willing to try living there; in the interest of research, you understand.
    I can imagine the Swamp Tour and how exciting that must have been. Not too sure about touching alligators though. The old song said “never smile at a crocodile” applies to gators too!
    I knew nothing about the Natchez indians, so thanks for another educational lesson.
    Keep up the posts teacher.


  145. Hi Geoff, we loved the photos and your commentary. I agree with Lucy its sad the jazz has gone from New Orleans, Nev remembers that being a fun part of his visit there in 1960. Glad you enjoyed the swamp tour so much, it must have blown al cobwebs away. Bet you didn’t pat the alligator tho. xxVal

  146. I found two websites on Henry Ford and the Spanish moss – one said he did use it and the other said he didn’t! Now I am even more curious…..
    I love Oak Ally house – its stunning. As always its great reading about your travels and seeing your photos.
    Can’t wait to see your post on the space centre in Houston – very jealous about that!! X

  147. Geoff
    Looks and sounds like you are having a fabulous trip! I lived in New Orleans for about 3 years. A great deal changed there after Hurricane Katrina – some for the better.
    Watch out for the heat and humidity in Houston, this weekend is supposed to be a hot one. A good friend of mine’s father was in charge of Mission Control at NASA for the Apollo 13 (and other) mission. The tours there are supposed to be great. Head down to Kemah after your NASA tour and enjoy some seafood on the bay. Also – go to Good Company BBQ for some great Texas BBQ in Houston.
    Have fun and let Bruce and me know if you need anything in Houston – since it is our home town, we are happy to help! We are resident in Colorado right now and look forward to seeing you and Merry when you come.
    Safe and fun travels
    Marla Crockett

  148. Hi Geoff, your travel guide has been superb, but this latest edition had us gripped. The area looks beautiful, and the plantation houses were amazing. “Gone with the Wind” is a favourite book and looking at your pictures I could see Scarlett O’Hara living there!! Loved the balconies in New Orleans, so graceful. You certainly find some super places to visit on your travels, and meet some great people. Re the Koalas, was that one of your furry friends at the end of Elvis’s grave waving a flag……..they get everywhere. Well, Alan and I have reached our 50th today, as we keep saying you serve less for murder! We will raise a toast to our amazing travelling Aussie, Geoff at our party on Sunday and wish you and Azulo many more safe miles. Love Wendy and Alan xx

  149. New Orleans looks much bigger, with much taller buildings than I’d imagined but it looks great. And I’m sure I’d love the food.

    Loved the Southern journey – found that really interesting and those mansions look stunning. I guess the South’s whole (wealthy and building) economy collapsed after the Civil War. I didn’t realise the extreme number of those who died – all the brightest, fittest, hardiest, most handsome, – send the best men off to die. (Any alien life form looking down must think – utter nutters. Leave them alone!)

    The countryside is beautiful and very lush looking. And typically you, that smile ensures you encounter lots of kind souls – like the Honda guy who took you around.

    Great journey. Shirley x

  150. Gedday geoff,

    It was great to have a chat to you last night in that Boubon Street restaurant. We’ve had a great day today exploring this great city and tonight Yvonne was lucky enough to be invited on stage singing with the Davr Alexander Blues Band in a bar on Bourbon Street. Off tomorrow to explore the bayou on an air boat ehich should be fun. Keep living your dream mate….remember the free lunch that doesnt exist when you get to L.A. haha. cheers from Bill, Yvonne, Rhonda & Allies (who has recovered now)

  151. A trip down south following the Mississippi is on my ‘bucket’ list!!!
    Wish Geography had been like this when I was at school back in the dim dark ages!
    Great commentary and photography again…… amazing stuff.
    Not sure about the swamp trip…….. eek, and alligators!
    How many kms have you done so far Geoff?
    Keep up the good work…enjoy , travel safely……. thanks.

  152. Glad the koalas are still doing their bit for Australian/American diplomatic relations.
    I don’t remember there being so many big buildings at the end of Bourbon St. I’m sure some of them must have been there in the 70’s and, as they say, things do change with the times. Yikes, that was nearly 40 years ago when we were there! Scary!
    Love, Merry

  153. The exterior of Gracelands really appeals to me, but most of the rooms leave me cold! Sorry!
    I certainly can remember Elvis’ first hits – I can recall where I was when I first heard HeartBreak Hotel. I also know where I was when JFK was assassinated – but that’s another story. The link is, of course, that both events where hugely significant.

    I agree with Colin’s remark about speeding. However there may be mitigating circumstances if you are talking kilometres!

    Hope Azulo isn’t intimidated by all those big Harleys.

    Great travelogue – keep them coming.


  154. Gillian sent me the link to your Elvis blog. Great photos and a lasting memory of that part of your trip. I will never forget the first time that I heard ‘Heartbreak”, aged 14. Just stunning and so original.

    Are there any speed limits in USA?
    “I left Asheville at 7.00 and had covered the 465k by lunchtime.”

    Keep going ‘old bloke’ All the best for the future Geoff.
    Do you sing Elvis songs to Merry then?

    Colin & Stephanie Cooper

  155. Hi Geoff, loved the photo visit to Memphis ,almost good as actually being there. Isn’t the sign for Heartbreak Hotel marvellous. Did you feel any Elvis vibes while you were seeing around Gracelands I wonder, it all looks just as if the people could walk right back in. Looking forward to your next post, best V and N

  156. Hi Geoff
    Great pictures and story telling – just as we have come to expect. We’re wrestling with the comparisons between this trip and Vladivostok to London – in one you’re outside your comfort zone, existing on Plov, and communicating in a foreign language; now, everyone speaks the same language (well, you know what I mean!), you’re well inside your comfort zone, great quality of life, great places to visit, and the weather’s much warmer than Siberia. What’s not to like!
    Keep up the good work, and we’ll raise a glass to you at our 50th Wedding Anniversary this weekend.

  157. Hi Geoff,
    Enjoying going back through your blog. We’ve been through a lot of the small towns in Virginia, Pennsylvania and Tennessee that you recently posted photos from; but it’s nice to get the perspective of someone new to the area. Interesting to hear others views on our Civil War and Jefferson’s ownership of slaves – latter are hot political topics here in US even today.
    Have fun in New Orleans (“Big Easy”). Hope you can get your bike close enough to Bourbon Street to get a good picture. Might also want to check Jackson Square, Superdome, cemeteries, riverfront and streetcars – sure those are already on your list.
    Regards, Joe & Irene Bennett

  158. Graceland looks amazing, Geoff, much nicer than I thought it would be,
    wonderful to see it so well cared for . Terrific photos yet again. Freezing cold and wet here in Melbourne, I feel envious of you being able to travel around in warm , sunny weather….enjoy every minute!!!

  159. Hi Geoff – Not sure that I had heard much of Howling Wolfe but the others ring a bell or two. Great photos of Memphis. You’ll be in cowboy territory with Fort Smith, Wichita etc.
    You might need to purchase a fancy holster and a shiny sixgun to blend in with the locals.

  160. Interesting stuff. You’ll find Elvis started poor. “Shotgun house”…. believe they call it that as from the front door you can see out the back (or a shotgun fired in the front will go out the back?). He was an unusual talent. The life as a superstar chews up most people.
    In some ways he kept a connection to the world of his youth… unfortunately not enough. Col. Parker was responsible for a lot of his troubles, IMHO.

  161. Hi Geoff,
    Enjoyed meeting you (and parking next to your bike) at Biltmore Estate winery. Would have liked to have heard more about your adventure around the world in person; at least can see more about it on your blog. Some Americans tend to be more private people in person, so don’t get discouraged if they’re not asking more questions along the way. You’re also likely to find retirees (like me) who aren’t so pressed for time and more likely to ask questions. Recommend you try some B&Bs for more inquisitive types. Good luck! Looking forward to following your progress! Regards, Joe Bennett

  162. Hi Geoff
    Thought I should drop you a line to let you know I have been following you again and really enjoying the whole thing. Not boring for me just fantastic, a small escape from the Melbourne winter every time your email comes through that a your blog is updated..
    Thought I should also share that I have a trip planned with the black dog ride group in mid August to Uluru. I have copied your model with my wife flying in after the ride to Uluru and moving from a week of camping to a week of more civilised existance. Anyhow thanks again for your blog, All the best Stuart

  163. You say: people speak ENGLISH – no comment!
    Harpers Ferry looks really “cosy”.
    Under the pic. of the Grove Park Inn Hotel, there is a photo of a very tall building with what appears to be a church spire on the top! What is it?

    Although this may not be as challenging as the other rides, your journey is still very interesting. I am learning something new on each update, so keep the history lessons coming! (and the great photos)

    OK – so I was wrong about the bears, and you’ve (nearly) encountered one already!

    Next post Please.


  164. G’day mate, how’s it going, when do you expect to complete your journey round the world. For all your bike maintenance are you doing as much as you can as required and checking in with local Kawasaki dealers enroute in whichever country your in for oil changes/maintenance etc.

    Cheers and keep safe,

    Marty (expat from Oxford)
    Almonte, Ontario

  165. Geoff it looks a great deal warmer where you are in the States–its freezing in your home town!
    we had a great second Red Wine Tasting from my cellar–we missed your banter–but plenty from the 11 other Probus Members who attended! Our third wine tasting coming up on July 28th–will be another Vintage Red Tasting! Hearty Cheers !

  166. Thanks for another interesting blog. It is always great to see where you are touring – even if it isn’t as exotic as your past trips. I was rather surprised you didn’t take the Segway tour of Gettysburg. Would have thought you would jump at the opportunity. Glad you kept your window shut. Newspaper headlines of “Australian Senior Eaten by Bear” would not be good reading! Love, Merry

  167. Haha! I was thinking the same thing as Merry about the blurred photo! Tom is in love with the castle at the beginning of this entry as it looks a bit like the castle from Harry Potter. Glad you haven’t had any more trouble with the police, fingers crossed for a smooth entry into America. Niagara on the Lake is gorgeous – someone dad worked with recommended we go there and it was well worth it – your photos are bringing back some lovely memories. But best of all I can now say I know a celebrity – one who has been in a newspaper no less! Karen x

  168. Hi Geoff,
    Your latest blog on crossing into USA, reminded me that I had intended to give you the address of Prof Peter Sheldrake in North Carolina.
    Peter was Prof of Business Entrepreneurship at the RMIT, and was the moderator of the original Senior Round Table established by himself and Brian Hirsh, (President of Beaumaris Probus in 2000). This group of 14 , which included a couple of outsiders and a lady, was the forerunner of the present Discussion Groups, led by Barry Amond. We met monthly, at All Souls Church hall, and then at the West Brighton Club. For a brief period I was the Secretary/Treasurer, and was succeeded by Rod Murrell. Peter gave a couple of talks to Probus.
    Peter migrated to USA so that his wife could be closer to her parents.

    After this long winded background, I’ll get to the point :- Will you be passing through North Carolina, Winston-Salem, on your travels.
    If so, due to the time scale you might like to contact Peter by email at with a view to meeting, and updating him on the latest Australian, Victorian, Bayside, Beaumaris gossip. He can fill you in on his view of USA from gay marriage to gun laws, and possibly even ‘how to stop printing money’.
    Safe travelling
    Ron Hunter

    • Hi Ron
      Thanks for thinking of me. Unfortunately I’m not going there. I head for the Blue Ridge Parkway then Memphis

  169. AaaahhhhH ssooo “Geoffers” … Mystery and probably many untold stories in there ??!
    So one day we shall listen whilst you disclose 😉

    Well, a huge contrast to the recent trip in almost all aspects. Probably a sense of relief. Continue to enjoy whilst I shall look forward to the next US instalment.
    Axel (finally got a 31 ltr tank!!)

  170. Congratulations Mr. Celebrity! Found the article on the Ottawa Metro website. I wonder whether it will be syndicated? I’ll keep an eye open in the London Times!
    That part of Canada looks really interesting, and you seem to have met some very nice people. I loved the story about Rene and the dogs. Amazing that he can keep all those pooches into the van without any fighting. Is he a Dog Whisperer I wonder?
    Love the photos – keep them coming.
    Best wishes for the US of A.

  171. So glad you got together with the family! Graham and Jane love showing people round. I expect they told you about our visits. Martin loves his wine and food too! We’ve spent some great times with them. We love To. and Ottawa.
    Hope the rest of the road trip goes well, Geoffers! (Hope you didn’t tell them too many tales of our childhood – although Graham probably told you a few too!)

  172. Hi Geoff, good to keep up with your adventures. We loved Niagara Falls, in spite of the fact that Alan let go of Karen at one point and she fell into the river above the falls on the US side. Luckily it was very shallow, but she still reminds him about it! And Niagara on the Lake is really special. We are still on our tiny island watching boat races around its shores. It’s like Oxford and Cambridge only with a lot more boats and even more attitude. Hope you get into America OK, just smile and talk “Australian” and we are sure you will be let in. Take care, go well on the next part of this journey. Wendy and Alan xx

  173. WOW….. brilliant photography! I’m always impressed the way Canadian’s make the most of
    flowers in summer, as they have such long freezing winters. Ottawa looks wonderful, its like having a great geography lesson! School was never like this!! Did you go on the “Maid of the Mist” ( the Canadian one) ?? Fantastic up close to the falls. Niagara on the Lake is one of my favourites.
    Keep up the good work and enjoy, sounds wonderful ! Thanks for such an interesting travelogue!!

  174. Hello Geoff, thanks for getting back mate. I think most police officers in the rest of Canada would have just given you a warning and send you on your way. Anyways water under the bridge. I’m glad you enjoyed your stay in Canada. So what’s your route through the US. Will you be going around South America too. Could you send me a blog comment via my website above. Thanks. Safe travels mate.


    PS. Picking up a couple of dual purpose Honda CRF250L’s for my son and I next week. Which model of Kawasaki is it you ride.

  175. Thanks for visiting us in London,Ontario, Canada.

    We had great fun, great conversation and a bit too much Syrah. You’d think at our age we’d know better.

    Safe journeys and we’ll follow you on the blog.

    Jim and Elaine

  176. Hi Geoff, Great to again have another comfortable armchair ride with you on the
    back of Azulo. I am sure your superb touched up photos must be better than the
    real thing. Your comments re the Reversing Falls reminds me of the exciting ride
    we had through the horizontal water fall in the Kimberley.
    Hope you continue to have exciting adventures.

    Cheers, Noel

  177. Hello Geoff, would have loved to have had a chat and a pint mate when you came through Ottawa. I am an expat like you from Oxford UK and have been living in Canada for 33 years I am 59 and living in the Ottawa area. I am picking up a couple of Honda CRF250L’s dual purpose bike this week-end for my son and I. Like you its been 40 years since I got my UK licence. I am inspired by guys like you, Steph Jeavons round world bike adventures and of course the long way round guys Euwen McGregor and Charley Boorman. I will have to wait till I am retired possibly next year. I am assuming you are doing this on your own nickel and no sponsors. Are you camping or hotelling. Safe travels mate.


    Almonte, Ontario

    PS. Are you using an Ipad or small laptop

  178. Phil is always very tolerant of my home cooking and loves trying new dishes, but when I showed him your photo of poutine he turned rather green! The proper authentic dish uses cheese curds rather than cheese so your arteries and taste buds may not forgive you that one for a while. As usual your photos and stories keep us hooked til the end. The corruption scheme in Argentina sounds a minefield to negotiate! Can’t wait for the next installment. Karen x

  179. Hi Geoff, your pictures are as usual fantastic, and the text makes a good read. The thought of you surrounded by all those police cars impressed us no end as we had not realised that you were so dangerous. Maybe they just wanted to admire Azulo and meet a “mad” Australian biker. We are sunning ourselves in the Channel Islands on an island where there is no traffic allowed, but we make sure we can tune in to the next part of your adventures. Go well, Alan and Wendy

    • As a PS, Geoff, although it’s gourmet dining on Herm we mentioned Poutine to the chef and he’s taken to the bottle in deep shock. Apparently it’s translated to “Mushy Mess” and the Chef thought we were using the term to describe his cooking. Actually, I bet those French Canadian Cops had Poutine for their lunch – that’s why they were so hard on you. Keep up the food sampling; I wonder what your next “heart attack in a bowl” tastes like.

  180. Great read. I love that covered bridge – always wanted to drive through one of those. I enjoyed the story about getting money into Argentina. The guy with the cash attached to his legs sounds as if he could be a member of a Lodge! The Canadian police don’t seem much fun, and I would heed Merry’s comment about waving and riding on! Next post, please.

  181. Quebec City looks fantastic, Geoff, thanks for all the wonderful photos…you are inspiring us to travel to Canada before too long !!
    Hasn’t taken you long to have some drama ….at least the police weren’t “skulking ” in the bushes this time !!!
    What a pity it wasn’t a photo opportunity.
    Wendy and Rod.

  182. Hi Geoff,
    Great photos once again!
    It seems that police are the same all the world over – Blatant revenue raising from innocent Aussie Bikers!
    What a crying shame – if you wan’t us to picket the Canadian and/or French Consulate, let us know.
    Safe riding.
    Looking forward to our next golf outing on your return.

  183. Great pics again Geoff………… love Quebec…the walled part particularly.Have a framed etching
    of the Chateau, nearly identical to the one you have sent! My eldest daughter lives in Toronto…
    married to a Canadian for 20 yrs., they lived in Whistler , Vancouver before that. Have been so many times, lost count. Wonderful country and people, beautiful scenery. Only downside… we
    got violent food poisoning from chicken at Montreal airport many years ago. The history is very
    interesting about Quebec city. Keep up the good work, keep safe, enjoy.

  184. Terrific descriptions and photos as always, Geoff. And never boring, how could you even think it! After your wild adventures in South America and Siberia and the Stans, this trip must seem like a breeze to both you and Azulo. Leaving aside your hefty traffic fine! Hope you did not have to pay it on cash. And eating Poutine! I’m sure the French would have a very low opinion of that dish, as they do of the French-Canadian accent! Safe and enjoyable travels. Muis.

  185. Thanks for the update.
    No pressure please, otherwise it would spoil the entire journey.
    Your police matter made me think what might be the best way/s to avoid or at least minimise this?? i.e travelling on a diplomatic passport perhaps and claim immunity, or any other deceptive devise that may ‘frighten off’ or at least deter these officials who see a soft target in mc travellers?
    Any thoughts?
    You should have plenty of time being on ze bike to mull-over.

    Stay up-right, happy and un-pressured

  186. Not boring, Geoff. Fascinating. You may be interested to know that when we lived in Edmonton, Alberta (35 years ago), the locals were always grizzling about the fact that their road signs were required by law to be in two languages (no-one spoke French) but the signs in Quebec were in one language only – French! A sore point right across the country, even then.

  187. Travel through Montreal is something most maritimers avoid if possible. Every time I pass through I say, “this time it will be better than the last!” It never is. Road signs (en francais) that come unexpected, heavy traffic, confusion, in wrong lanes, etc., etc. My last trip “past” was done by getting to the southern side of the river first and staying on that side. Much better.

  188. Hi Geoff. As usual, your travelogue is nothing short of first class. Whilst I have been a regular visitor to Canada for past 29 years, you are making me wonder why I haven’t spent more time on the east coast !!
    Your photography is terrific – keep up the splendid pics and commentary – sounds as though you are (again) meeting some terrific people and visiting great places — you certainly land on your feet everywhere !
    Happy travelling — love and best wishes from Di and Steve.

  189. Very very excited to be reading your blog again. Alex loves the lighthouse (awesome) and the coloured houses (pretty – can we paint ours). Hope you find more airbnb places to stay as they sound great. Fingers crossed the rain stops soon. Karen

  190. Great to see you are back on the road again with Azulo,Geoff. Fantastic photos yet again…. we look forward to sharing your new adventure. Ride safely, hope you don’t have too many wet days.
    Wendy and Rod.

  191. How refreshing to deal with helpful & friendly customs folk! Really impressed by the lovely houses in Nova Scotia, and you seem to have met some lovely people. Look forward ro reading more about your travels, so keep up the great blog!

  192. Nice ride yesterday. I’m glad I could be in a small part of your adventure. Thanks for breakfast, and it was funny how the guy commented about my bike and paid no attention to yours. I’m sure that doesn’t happen often. Your positive attitude is contagious! Have fun!

  193. Great stuff again. Looking forward to all your new adventures. (Brief history lesson: It was the Arcadians who gave rise to ‘Cajun’ (derivative of Arcadian) – as in Cajun Chicken etc – in Louisiana, the famous French influence in the area.) Go well, Geoff.

  194. on the road again …… Well, you must be happy, despite the weather, to be rolling again.
    Why the ferry and not the land-way? Is it ’cause you indeed look like a ‘salty dog’, well an aged one that is, in the south-of-France-reunion shots 😉
    Enjoy and continue to spread your natural friendliness along the way!

  195. OMG! Do so fear you started at the wrong end of your journey now that I’ve seen the Live Map…So glad you’ve got Azulo to kick up a life saving breeze as you pass through the Southern part of the USA, Ouch. Buy lots of sunscreen and OFF for mosquitos whenever you have to dismount. Quite another adventure you’re undertaking most fearless one. You’re no wimp. That much I do know.
    Best to you,

  196. Gorgeous shots. Welcome to scenic and picturesque North America! So sorry I’ll miss your arrival in LA…Bah Humbug. Must go back to check to see if we can follow you every inch of the way. Sure hope so!!!

  197. Wow. You are off again. (Give me my life back. )
    Love all the pics. Looks so pretty and Nova Scotia has been on my list for some time.
    Me? I plan to sew up a top, make dinner, do some washing and go for a wee walk. Envy, huh? I’ll send pics’ll love the top.


  198. Hi Geoff you and Azulu look in great form. Loved the English photos, and I hadn’t known how much character Nova Scotia has. Hope its stopped raining now, its jolly cold here in Auckland, first frost on the lawn for years. Look after that phone, a grandson dropped his down our loo recently, even Stu might not be able to fix that! Val and Nevxx

  199. Hi Geoff, it seems a very short time since we got your call over the phone in the car, and that was a super surprise. Your pictures and news are fascinating and you have already met some lovely people, who we are sure will join your fan club!! We will now be on the lookout for more of the best travel blog ever. Hope all goes well for the next part of your trip. Love Wendy and Alan

  200. Geof
    I am in Halifax also.
    Found out about you from a friend.

    Tell us more about your bike. How many KM on it ect ect…
    Your live tracker says your still in these parts.
    Hope the cool temps and rain dont ruin your time here.
    I would love to ride around Australia some day. Seems like an amazing place.

    Where is your next stop over?????


  201. Hi Geoff,
    Lucky thing azulo was late arriving in Nova Scotia or you both would have been drowned with the rain we had yesterday. I really enjoyed your company and stories of yours and azluo’s adventures. Hope all your gadgets are working now.haha

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  203. Looks like you all had lots of fun, Alex wanted to see what I was reading but when I showed him he thought the picture of the cruise ship was your yacht! However he remembers Azulo so all is not lost. Safe travels and we look forward to many more tales of your adventures x

  204. Sorry to see you and Azulo leave Kent. We’ve missed Azulo’s presence in our garage for the last 9 months or so. The place seems empty. The good news is that we’ve squeezed in four illegal immigrants! Best of luck for the trip, and watch out for the bears in the Mississippi. Vic & Gill

  205. Best wishes for a safe and happy journey Geoff
    It was good to look at your route map, particularly the east coast of Canada, as Dee and I are hoping to do a similar trip in October of next year (but not by motorbike!) – continuing on to Wiinnipeg and then north to Churchill to see the polar bears. We look forward to reading all about it in future blogs.

  206. Great to meet Geoff and his trusty bike; We collected Azulo from his friends for onward travel to Shipping Company then flight to Nova Scotia. Wish Geoff all the best for his next experience, we all talk about trips like this but very few actually get the job done. Look forward to next Blog update from Geoff.

  207. Well, finally and again. Enjoy the trip you old bloke – the ‘dopey’ I am not believing 😉
    Thanks for the tips re previous journey, currently (and for the past month) I am happily fiddling with getting my bike ready. Let me know if you need any tech-support, though I presume Azulo is safe in the USofA.
    But most: ENJOY

  208. Sounds wonderful………safe travelling , and enjoy.
    Looking forward to hearing all about it in October at our Probus meeting.
    Good luck!

  209. Hi G2, or is it G1 I can’t remember? Yet again you are making me jealous. Azulo is really doing you proud. Perhaps Kawasaki should take note.
    I have just been made redundant (very very happy) so am also planning a trip although not as far as you.
    Will be following you again and wishing I was there.
    Have a great time. Cheers

  210. All the best on your journey. You got a mention at today’s Probus meeting and members were reminded again of your blog.
    We trust all goes well and you have a most enjoyable ride – easier than South America and Russia and the “stans”.
    Safe travelling,
    Geoff amd Margaret Wade

  211. Hi Geoff

    Just checking in to see if you have commenced your 2015 adventure. Safe travels mate and look forward to reading your blog.

    Keep Calm and Ride!!

    Cheers Darren

  212. Hi Geiff, congratulations for your new bike trip. I think it will be fantastic, amazing and very interesting road.
    I agree with you that one only lives once….
    Good luke and best wishes

  213. Hi Geoff, my friend from Sandringham Probus club has just rung me raving about you and your talk. Would you come as far as Mount Martha? I am speaker co ordinator for Balcombe Ladies Probus, and we meet on 2nd Wednesday of the month, in Mount Martha. I know I am cheeky, but our ladies would love you and your tales.
    My email is above, telephone 59770376, address 8 Paperbark Drive, Mount Martha, 3934. I quite understand if you can’t make it, but worth a try to ask you.
    (I would be thinking August/September) or even 2016.
    Kind regards
    Jill Dunn

  214. Hi Geoff,
    You’re photos are amazing.. has your trip come to an end?? Ours has, our honeymoon was great, we went back to Kas at the end of September for a week and did absolutely nothing other than soak up the sun lounging on sun beds drinking Efes. It was lovely to meet you and Stuart on the Gulet cruise.
    Speak soon xox

  215. This part of your trip was just as interesting as the first Geoff – and it was great that you were able to catch up with so many old friends and family – a real bonus! Loved the photos of Alan and John and their families as it has been so long since I have seen them – we are all looking older except you!

    Well done mate – will be in touch.

  216. Great to read your English travels and I love the old photos – I’ll have to show my family!! Did you see number 70, I don’t think it looks as tidy as number 66? Isn’t that Trixie East with the poles in front of the cart? Such memories and so good to see everyone as we used to be – your father included. You never know one day you might get as far west as beautiful Pembrokeshire! Thanks, Geoff.

  217. Geoff, this section of your journey is just as fascinating to read about as all the far flung places you visited. How lovely to be able to find the houses that you lived in, and to compare one of them to an old photo. It must have been super to find the seat with your dad’s name on it, what an incredible find. Alan and I are under the impression that you have friends and relatives tucked in every corner of England, and it was good to see that Azulo worked his charm on everybody. Your photos and text told the story perfectly. This last blog for 2014 is an amazing way to finish your epic trip, and I must admit that we cannot wait for trip 2015. Love to everyone in Australia. Wendy and Alan. ps: if you want to find that Hotel again go to Lower Slaughter, and by the smile on your face the fish and chips might be on the order NEXT time!!!! At least you dried off in front of the very welcome log fire.

  218. Yes!!!! Another blog entry to keep us going until next June, it was great reading all about your UK tour and seeing the photos. I really love their old ones from your childhood, thats pretty special to see. The dessert was Toffee Apple Brioche. If you find you can get brioche Down Under I will share my recipe! It was brilliant to see both you and Azulo and hear more about your adventures, or should I quote the boys and say it was `awesome` and `epic`! Karen x

  219. It was absolutely brilliant to see you last weekend. Tom thinks you are awesome, whilst Alex said EPIIIIIIIIIIC when joining in. Trust me, that is even higher praise than just saying `epic`! Glad you loved the gammon and toffee apple brioche but the best bit by far was your stories of your travel, and meeting Azulo!! Hope you enjoy the rest of your journey round the UK and have a safe trip home. Karen, Phil, Tom and Alex xx

  220. Hello Geoff,
    It has been great following your adventure. I’m friends with Peter and Karen Algie. It was Karen who mentioned your trip to me.
    I ride a motorcycle so I know how much fun they are. Although a KLR650 seat for that many kms. You must have an “iron bum”.
    Apart from normal maintenance, how did the bike hold up? Some readers, (I know I am), may be interested in what you modified or added to the bike (e.g what type of panniers) to get it to carry the required gear and last the distance on such roads.
    Cheers, Peter Hickey

  221. I can’t believer you are doing this!! I have seen you for over 60 years and you were such a quiet inoffensive boy!! Hey hey – good for you. I have messaged you on facebook before I found this so please get in touch so we can catch up on respective families/lives etc. I was Gill Wells from 70 Gayton Road …………………

  222. Geoff,
    good on you!
    What a great and loooong trip and what a great read from this end. Your behind must have hurt after all these kms, but you were always smiling in the pix. I shall re-read all again and pick out all the tips of places to see, eat and stay so I have a starting reference for my trip in 2016.
    Travel well through the us and ensure that your bike is meanwhile stored in such a way that both wheels are off the ground, otherwise you can ditch both tyres 😉

  223. Branners
    Words fail me! It’s hard to believe that the journey is over and you are back in civilisation again, even if you have to share it with a bunch of Pommies. The whole blog has been such great reading and viewing and Hazel & I feel somewhat priveleged to be mates with such an intrepid dopey old bloke. All I could think of when you were talking about your up market French restaurant was that we must have Plov for New Year’s this year – it features so prominently in the storyline. Looking forward to seeing you again and touching greatness.
    Love from Hazel.

  224. Fantastic effort , Geoff and Azulo…what an adventurous, brave and crazy
    pair!!! You have provided us all with wonderful stories and beautiful photos,
    and an interesting insight into the many places you have visited….thank you.
    Well done, Merry, for being such a supportive, understanding wife…you are very lucky, Geoff.
    Enjoy your holiday together , have great time…see you both in October.
    Will be fun to hear your stories and share good wines at Rye again.
    Love, Wendy.

  225. HI Geoff
    You seem to be happy that your trip is over and rightly so . While seeing a lot beautiful sights you
    encountered get a bit of hardship and nothing was to much for the Smiling Geoff . Enjoy your deserved
    Holliday!!! While in Petersburg try to see summer palace of the Zara which is in a village outside
    St. Petersburg,easily reached by suburban train . It is worth seeing,
    Say hallo to Merry and have the best of time together . I enjoyed your blog very much and already
    look forward to next year for new installment.
    Have a safe Trip!!! ANYA

  226. Hi Geoff. What a wonderful journey and so well detailedin your blog. Congratulations on finishing the trip in fine form. The last lap with your friends in England sounded like blessed relief !! And it was good to see that the trip was not all “hard yakka” – with a liberal sprinkling of michelin restaurants, good wine and lovely company!!
    Well done. Do you have room for a pillion pax next journey ? Keep well; love to Merry. Steve.

  227. Congratulations Geoff – what an achievement. No doubt Merry is very relieved that it is now over with no major mishaps. Have a great holiday together and enjoy some luxury and rest – thoroughly deserved.
    Have looked forward to your posts and enjoyed them immensely – you must now be an international expert on Mosques! Unfortunately Brian will have left the UK by October 4 or would have made the trip to Crockham. Take care and love to Merry

  228. Geoff,
    It’s been a real pleasure following your adventures. I’ve learnt so much from your writing and the photos. You must have great discipline to write the blog after an arduous ride. Clearly, after reading the comments it was worth it, for us anyway. We arrived in Istanbul today and we’re shattered! In a week we head of for a Greek Island cruise . After that we head to Edinburgh to be there on the day of the independence vote. Enjoy the rest of your trip.
    Cheers Tony
    PS Paul is on his own trip. A few days ago he was in Winton. He’ll be away for a total of 7 weeks

  229. Looks like you and Stuart had the most amazing time together, the paragliding looks fun and I really love the hot springs and Travertine terraces, they look well worth a trip. However, whilst I also like the look of where you had dinner right by the sea, I am confused to see a large bottle of water there after you talk about wine, or had you drunk that first? Hope Azulo enjoyed his rest as much as you did x

        • Karen,

          Yes, plenty of Sangria was consumed in Spain, it really is my favourite country outside of Australia I think.

          Regarding the spices, I declared them on the customs form but when I got to the screening they asked what they were and I told them they were vacuum packed spices from Istanbul. They just waved me through and didn’t even bother to look in my suitcase. I think there was one tea that probably would have been confiscated otherwise as it was not ground down into powder, so I’m glad it wasn’t a problem.


  230. The monasteries look amazing but I would have hated to be the poor men who lugged all the stone up! Or was that their penance?! Ferry sleeping does not look fun and I am really glad we never had to sleep on the Isle of Wight ferry! Tom is excited to be meeting Azulo in October, I think the camera will be at the ready! Xx

    • Karen, my other reply seemed to get lost up the page for some reason.

      Yes, plenty of Sangria was consumed in Spain, it really is my favourite country outside of Australia I think.

      Regarding the spices, I declared them on the customs form but when I got to the screening they asked what they were and I told them they were vacuum packed spices from Istanbul. They just waved me through and didn’t even bother to look in my suitcase. I think there was one tea that probably would have been confiscated otherwise as it was not ground down into powder, so I’m glad it wasn’t a problem.


  231. Hi Geoff, sounds like you are having fun , apart from sleeping on the ferry floor. I do remember that Isle of Wight trip, but I think we had carpet and couches! Loved the photo of the ferry with the sun setting on the wine dark sea. What incredible Greek monasteries, literally clinging to the rocks. Don’t think they would get earthquake certification now! xx

  232. Great pictures Geoff, those monasteries look incredible, but the boat looks a nightmare. You do seem to met some lovely people though, we bet it wasn’t so friendly on the IoW ferry! We are getting confused over your next stops, we thought Azulu was coming to England then you would meet Merry? We are following your adventures with enthusiasm. Best wishes Alan and Wendy

  233. Hi Geoff. Your writings re Greece brings back fond memories of my travels through that country.
    I was particularly interested to read your account of the ferry crossing from Greece to Italy – my crossing actually berthed at Brindisi (I think) – or at least it was Brindisi where I experienced some magnificent Italian food before training it up to Rome.
    You are looking fit and well from the pics you have included in your travelogue….. Good to hear your bike is repaired and raring to go – sans le speedo !!
    Looking forward to the next instalment …. Love and best wishes – Di and Steve.

  234. Oh Geoff, what an ordeal…glad I wasn’t on that ferry…what a long, long night it must have been..lucky
    you had such nice friends to look after you. You have well and truly earned a relaxing, comfortable holiday
    with Merry.
    At long last the weather is beginning to warm up, we should see some little green shoots on the vines soon,
    then Rod can give them a spray.
    Have a good nights sleep, you must be exhausted.
    Wendy and Rod.

  235. good pics Geoff. I agree with your idea about pics without commentary (or just a brief description) for this kind of thing.

    I’m off to do the Somme memorials and battlefields at the end of september and will treat it similarly.

    Looking forward to seeing you monday. (?)

  236. Brilliant post, Geoff; thanks. It virtually coincided with the programs that are being done here on the start of the Great War. To think that they called it “the war to end wars” – with what’s going on in the Middle East right now it’s hardly living up to that billing!!!
    Go well – enjoy the boat trip across the Adriatic.
    Alan (& she who must be obeyed, of course)

    • Hi Alan and “She who must be obeyed”
      Dashing through Italy now heading for the “Old Dart” Then back to Paris for the reunion!

  237. Not only such a waste of young lives – it is terrible to think that the world never learns from it. Looks at what is going on in the world at the moment!
    Safe travel. Ride very carefully and may your good travel fairy be riding on your shoulder. Looking forward to seeing you in Paris. Love. Merry

  238. Very moving thanks. How futile, so I leave you with this bit of military crap.
    During the trench warfare of the Gallipoli Campaign, Major Stephen Midgley of the Australian 5th Light Horse Regiment was widely known to use a sawn-off double barrelled shotgun while leading his troops, resulting in Turkish officers complaining that it was not a ‘weapon of war’ under international law. Midgley was ordered by an Australian general to cease using his shotgun and switch to a conventional rifle and bayonet, to which the Major was “bitterly peeved”.

  239. Dear Geoff. Apologies for the inordinate delay in corresponding – busy as a one armed brick layer in Beirut ! Your coverage of Turkey and Anzac Cove is brilliant … Anzac Cove is already on my bucket list.
    Glad to hear that all has been going well for you on this particular jaunt in the northern hemisphere – it must have been grand to have your son with you for part of your travels in Turkey.
    Life goes on quite well here at home – some consultancy work has been getting in the way lately causing excessive interstate travel. However, life is good – particularly with the “little people” !!
    I have some catching up to do with a number of your earlier missives which arrived while I have been interstate or on hols with Steph, Tom and the little people..
    Take care, continue to travel safely and keep up the excellent work with your regular blog – love your work !!
    Cheers – Stevo and Di.

    • Hi Steve
      Busy as a one armed brick layer in Beirut! Good one… Where did that come from?!
      Now don’t work too hard…. After all you are nearly the second of the “big three” to make 70!

  240. HI Geoff,
    It was lovely to be reminded of the past good days
    when we were young enough too travel . Istanbul
    was one of the favorites . Your pictures bring all
    good memories of those historical places back and
    remind us that we are nearly as old as Hong Kong but we never would like to be as old as Istanbul.
    Just think of all the Wrinkles!!!
    Regards Anya

  241. Hi Geoff,you are making us nostalgic for Turkey. We might have to plan another trip. Glad you have enjoyed it,and nice to have a break from being a smelly biker. I bet the Turkish Bath cleaned you up .
    Travel well and I can assure you Merry is looking forward to meeting up with you.
    Love Jenny and Bruce

    • Hi Juul
      Nice to hear from you again. Yes, pity we aren’t coming to Holland…. We are going to the Baltic Countries after Russia…. Not far from Holland so why not meet us say in Lithuania?

  242. Very impressed that you seem to be able to find a good drop of wine, no matter where you are in the world – even a Cab Merlot in Turkey. Great work, Geoff. You might be interested to know that the Probus Committee today discussed why the wine bill this year at the Candlelight Dinner was much less than previous years – and we all came up with the answer. Because you weren’t there – you were wandering around Iran and Turkey looking for wine.

    • Hi Peter
      Haha…My secret has been discovered…. I drank all the profits!
      The Turkish wine I had was terrific . I’m ashamed to say I didn’t realise they made wine in Turkey. I wonder if Dan Murphy stocks any?

  243. What a good friend you are , Geoff, to rate our pizzas higher than the delicious looking ones you ate with Stuart!!
    Your terrific photos bring back wonderful memories of our days in Istanbul…the weather looks much better
    though. So glad both you and Stuart have had such a special time together, and now you can look forward to
    meeting up with Merry.
    Wendy and Rod.

    • Hi Wenners
      Actually I was thinking that when I return I might invite myself around for another round of your wonderful Pizzas.
      Can’t wait till 31 and meeting Merry. Only 10 more ‘sleeps’

  244. Hi Geoff!,

    I’ve just returned home from my umpteenth visit to the hospital where I had another blood transfusion. But….,enough about me. I have been reading your wonderful travel reports and don my cap in admiration and respect for the way you have overcome all problems en route. The Hamam in Istanbul is an historic institution and you do what the VERY BIG attendant tells you to do!
    The last stretch into U.K. will be a piece of cake.
    Safe journey home and see you back in OZ.

    Menno & Muis van Ruyven

  245. Hi Geoff – Glad to see that you had a good R&R in Turkey and being with Stu was a bonus. It should be “civilisation” all the way to Paris now which no doubt you are looking forward to. When you look back at the trip you will have plenty of pictures of food – must say that your choice of restaurants appear to have gone somewhat upmarket since you met Stu though! Brian will be in the UK in September but will be leaving as you arrive so it will not be possible to hook up. Take care and travel safely.

    • Hi Brian and Robyn
      Pity I’ll miss you Hacks. It would be nice to be in the “Old Dart” together again. Give my love to Pat and Steve
      We must het together again Brian and Rob. It’s been too long

  246. Hi Geoff, looks like you and Stu have had a great time together, and lots of good photos too.
    I have never seen anything like the ones of the underwater pillars etc. And you are again enjoying some tasty meals and drinks! I will give Merry a call before she goes, love from all here xx

  247. Branners
    As usual your blog makes great reading – can do all these places from a comfortable armchair in Melbourne. Will be good for you to do it all a bit easier over the coming weeks and sharing the time with Stu and Merry will make it all a bit better anyway. Good to see you can still havea run-in with the local constabulary wherever you go! Looking forward to seeing the next chapter. Love from Hazel.

  248. Hi Geoff and Stuart, Glad you two had fun in the edge of Europe – good to bring you back into the New world with all its hazards – speed traps, busy roads, different road signs for each country etc!! Plus the steadily rising costs after Turkey. Enjoy the next stretch and hope to see you in England – just as the summer is being knocked ‘out the window’ by the remails of the US hurricane Bertha – we’ve gone all cold now after the good hot Summer till then! Bring some more sun with you from there!! Plus good reunion with Merry too.
    Christopher and Kate

    • Hi Chris and Kate
      I’m back in England on 3 October and leave on 12th. I’ll contact you and try and range good time to meet. It would be nice if we could have a reunion with the Woolwich gang but apart from you Vic Andrew and me I have no idea where any of them are…do you know?

  249. Geoff, Stuart picked the most expensive hamman in Istanbul so hope it was worth it.!!!
    I said that the traffic was horrendeous in Istanbul- no wonder you couldn’t find the hotel.
    Interesting place don’t you think.
    Just back from Port Douglas now. will give Merry a ring before she goes.

    • Hi Bill
      Actually it really was worth it as the place is fantastic with the white marble etc. quite an experience.
      Yes Istanbul is a unique and fascinating place…It’s sort of like Hong Kong in Europe with the hustle and bustle and the huge trams that rush around at a million miles an hour and take no prisoners!
      Hope you had good time in Queensland and thanks for keeping in touch with Merry

  250. Hi Geoff, As we have come to expect from you the pictures are stunning and the text brings it all alive. Stuart seems to make travelling as much fun as you do, although in a much more upmarket way. Perhaps a book is in the offing, the tough way to travel (for all the young and fit), and the comfort version for the rest of us! The temples and theatres were magnificent, and the hang gliding shots were stunning. Glad you had such a fun after your epic trip, enjoy the next bit of the ride. It’s cold and wet here, Autumn has struck, so enjoy the sun. Alan and Wendy

    • Hi Alan and Wendy
      Thanks for your comments. much appreciated. Looking at the Weather forecast for tomorrow it looks like rain for me too which is a pain… I can’t really grumble though as I’ve has sunshine since Russia. No wonder I look like I come from the Middle East in the photos.

  251. Fantastic , Geoff, so glad both you and Stuart have had such a wonderful
    time together. Rod and I have added this part of Turkey to our wish list!
    Perfect day here at Rye….all busy with different jobs….so good to know
    that summer is on it’s way at last. No growth on the vines yet…has been too
    cold .
    Enjoy Istanbul , a fascinating city to visit , and don’t forget to try the Turkish

    • Hi Wenners
      Yes we had a Turkish Bath yesterday in Ayasophia Sultan Haman which is very fancy. The rub you down with what feels like sandpaper…. I think the scraped off my suntan!
      Glad All well in Rye

  252. Absolutely fantastic pictures – a new career in travel photography recommended. How’s the fish life on this coast? – was in a bit of a decline when we were there – however remembered a whole baked one still.
    Coldest day of the year so far here – you’ve got me dreaming……
    Go the All Blacks on Saturday!!!!

    Love Tony

    • Hi Tony and Claire
      SO Sorry you failed to beat the Aussies! Better luck next time. Maybe the All Blacks need a new hooker?
      There seems to be lots of fish but maybe they import it from Thailand!

  253. Stunning photos Geoff. Fantastic variety of ruins ( in very good condition) and some beautiful seaside towns.
    Quite green with envy. I must say your diving style has improved since Noosa,very impressive. Have you had lessons. I presume it was you and not Stu in the photo.
    Take care on your first day back on the bike.
    Wen sends her love.

  254. Wow, looks fantastic. Now I am green with envy. It just seems you have taken a very long hard road to get to such a great destination.
    I much prefer Stu’s option of flying there to your long, hard slog through Russia,etc, but then he hasn’t got a fraction of the story you have. You have certainly earned your break.
    Glad you are both having such a fantastic time and now I can really say “I wish I was there”. Love, Merry

  255. NOW we’re really having fun. I’d follow Stu just about anywhere EXCEPT HANGGLIDING! You two were way way up there. I take it this is yet another skill you had previously mastered? Seems to me like the rest of the trip might prove somewhat ho-hum after this little frolic…though Istanbul awaits so imagine you two will give that city some memorable moments as well. So nice to have you back in civilization.

    • Hi Margaret
      Yes, after this extravaganza with Stuart it’s back to the “smelly biker” staying in 2 star places eating stale bread….. As long as I never have to have Plov again though I’ll cope!
      Getting within sight of the finish post now!

    • Hi Vic
      It was a lovely ride to Istanbul…. The roads are superb. The only trouble was Azulo got a speeding fine. I was going 114 kph down hill on duel carriageway with no traffic and only 4 k over speed limit (inc the margin of 10kph) it seems the cops are just as tough as the Aussie cops at revenue collecting. At least the fine is only $60 compared to about $250 in Australia AND they give you a 40% discount if you pay within 5 days.

  256. Glad to jump on your dopeyoldmen blog. The pictures are marvellous. Were you affected by Ramadam on your travels or were you far enough out of town so that you were not seen eating during the day?

    Best Wishes

    • Hi Helen
      Yes Ramadan was a pain… It effected me only in that the Cafés were closed. Really annoying. They don’t expect Non Muslims to fast but it’s hard if everywhere is closed!

  257. Hi Geoff,
    Glad to at last to get to the dopeyold bloke. Pictures are amazing .Were you affected by Ramadam on your travels or were you out in the wilderness & no one saw you eating?
    Best Wishes
    Helene & John

  258. Hi Geoff

    enjoy Fethiye; we have recently returned from there having stayed at Ece Saray hotel – next door. Small world! Have been following your amazing trip and your adventures. Enjoy your “rest” and keep well. xx

  259. Well done in getting there to you and Azulo – been fascinating to follow your trip Bit worrying when seeing the UK news of that region at the same time !!! Seems bizarre that you could even get through some of the places but clearly you deserve the great break with Stuart Have fun in the Merc and enjoy the side trip!! Look forward to meeting up in UK – Be happy tourists now! Christopher n Kate

    • Hi Chris and Kate
      The Merc is certainly a different ride to Azulo! It would have trouble in Mongolia also… No Autobahns there!

  260. Hello Geoff and Stuart,
    Russia and Mongolia must seem a long time ago, and some of the odd food that you had to eat. The hotel looked lovely and it must have been so relaxing. It sounds as if you and Stuart are going to have a great time together travelling in style! If Azulo could talk he would be pleased with the rest as well. Have a great time, but don’t forget to take some pictures. All the best Alan and Wendy

    • Hi Alan and Wendy
      It’s great travelling in style but it’s only a week and then Azulo has to get back to work for the run to England…and to see you both and Karens gang too!

      • We’re really looking forward to seeing you; and also to sharing the adventures you have between now and then!!!
        As Norm would say …… “go well!”
        She who must be obeyed; & Alan

  261. Welcome back to civilisation, or NOT, as the case may be!

    I thought the Whirling Dervishes were only Sudanese – Gordon of Khartoum and all that. They obviously get around!

    Glad that Stuart managed to meet you OK, and it sounds like you are really looking forward to the next few days. Glad that the alcohol is available again; going cold turkey is not good for you.

    Best wishes to you and Stuart from us both.

    Vic & Gill

    • Hi Vic
      Do they have Whirling Dervishes in Sudan? You’ll be pleased to hear my blood alcohol is nearly back to normal! Love to Gill. Has she settled back into UK life yet after all the time in NZ?

  262. Wonderful photos but I think you will be a bit sick of seeing mosques. You will be glad now to be in Turkey -at least you will be able to have a drink.
    Had a good night with Merry and now up in Port Douglas but didn’t realise that Vodophone didn’t work up here hence no bloody cell phone for a couple of weeks. Hope Stewart has arrived safely.
    Cheers, Bill

  263. Branners
    Unbelievable shots of Cappadocia and the monastry on the cliffs – quite spectacular. I must admit that first beer after Ramadan is very tasty – really hits the spot. The horse doesn’t quite stack up next to Causeway Queen but I reckon beats walking every time! Great to see these countries through your camera lens.
    Love from Hazel.

    • Hi Hazel
      Yes the poor horse (Sara ) looked like she needed a good feed! Amazing how sure footed they are… At times I thought I might end up over a cliff. I felt safer on Azulo

    • Hi Vic
      Actually wine is very expensive here so sticking to beer. I was very frustrated after leaving Cappadocia as the next town, Konya, was DRY again and I was back to Chateau Fanta!

  264. Cappadocia looks amazing, Geoff, what a fascinating place to visit!! The balloon ride looks spectacular,
    can’t believe how many are up in the sky at the same time. It seems strange to see other tourists in your
    photos , after so many weeks with barely another traveler around.
    Not long until you meet up with Stuart…have fun.
    Wendy and Rod.

    • Hi Wenners
      I counted Forty eight balloons! There are 24 in each balloon… A big money spinner!
      Only 3 days now till Stuart arrives!

  265. Well done Stuart, you’ve landed Dad in one of my favourite places on the planet. Good job you’ve lost weight on your travels Geoff, if you go ‘caving’ in Capa, you’ll find the passages quite tight. A spectacular summer electrical storm is quite possible too.
    When I was there with 20 other Kiwis beer was around $2.00 a dozen. We stashed nearly 250 dozen in our truck and lost most to the Syrian border guards and the rest to Bedouins in Jordan. However enjoy, the local product is a great drop.

    Just an amazing place to be and just a little jealous.

    Hope Val and Nev catch up with you. The ‘honeymoon’ cruise is over and they are now Sydneyside.

    Love Tony

    • Hi Tony
      $2.00 a dozen! Wow inflation has taken over! How funny losing all that beer to the border guards and bedouins! Sounds like you had a boozy trip
      Missed the electrical storms and you would never get me caving in a pink fit!

  266. You continue to maintain – even exceed – the previous very high standard of adventure and photography throughout your trip. Glad you are on the grog again. I’m sure it will make you feel even better to know that we are currently experiencing extreme, even antarctic, weather in Melbourne at the moment. Oh, to be somewhere warm and beauticul like Cappadoccia. You continue to amaze me.

  267. Hi Geoff, congrats on getting to Turkey. We loved it a few years ago and your pics of Cappadocia brought back many memories. I am sure you will enjoy Konja (and the whirling dervishes) as well as Antalya. Unfortunately the weather was poor when we were at Antalya so hope it is better for you as it is a lovely place.
    Geoff Wade

    • Hi Geoff
      I’m having a nice and well earned rest in Antalya and I’m glad to say the weather is great!
      I expect your Russian trip seems like a long time ago. I feel like I was in Vladivostok was 10 years ago

  268. Hi Geoff – We are glad to see that you have managed to get to Turkey – and a drink! It “should” be easier from this point on – as you say it has been pretty tough – so well done and enjoy your time with Stuart. Keep the photos coming – they have been fantastic especially for those of us who have not been to that part of the world. Enjoy a well earned rest.

    • Ho Brian and Robyn
      I feel like a normal tourist now and I really miss not having Merry with me. Turkey is great especially now I can get a drink or two?

  269. Love the selfie with your beer, but the barman in the next photo is hilarious!! We are sitting here trying to imagine what he is thinking!! Phil is depressed to be getting up at 5 tomorrow for work but was impressed by your early start for the balloon ride, which looks amazing. I also love the shape of those rocks, very unusual. Well done Stuart for sorting your visa, nif only all aspects of visas were that quick! Love Karen x

    • Hi Karen
      Funny, I hadn’t noticed the barman but it’s classic! Poor Phil, totally understand his depression!
      I’m having sleep in tomorrow!

  270. Well up to your usual high standards, Geoff, and we could see that you really enjoyed that beer. Two bottles of wine – they looked so good (and there was definitely a look of expectancy on your face!), but that barman looks a bundle of laughs. I can only assume that your negotiating skills resulted in a “Buy-One-Get-One-Free” deal. Go well – and congrats to Stuart for sorting out the visa.
    Best wishes from St Albans

    • Hi Alan
      I’m sure all he’s thinking is “bloody tourists” actually I didn’t buy anything as I have no room on the bike nod even I can’t drink 2 bottles in one evening…. Actually that’s not quite true!

  271. HI Geoff
    George and I have visited this fantastic place on one of our many travels and enjoyed it as much as you do . It is lovely to relieve it through your pictures
    again. The photos are fantastic and your description
    of places is fascinating . It makes one feel nostalgic
    of times gone by. Have a safe trip and enjoy it all.
    Kind regards from Anya and George

    • Hi Anya
      I wonder how different it is compared with when you and George were here? it’s quite the hot spot now but not ruined yet by tourists. Let’s hope it stays that way

    • Hi Maria
      Nice to hear from you. I wondered whether you were “hanging in” Glad you and Bruce are still with me! I expect you’ve been to Cappadocia?

    • Hi MooN
      Yes, just a hop skip and jump to Europe! I’m still carrying the tyres I changed in ULAN UDE. I’m amazed at the Heidenau Tyres I’ve got on Azulo now. They must have covered about 14.000 k and still have at least another 5000k. Fantastic tyres!

  272. Congratulations on reaching Turkey and a supply of beer and wine!
    I know it’s been said many times, but the photographs and your descriptions have been brilliant. Look forward to seeing many more before you arrive in London.
    We’ll be in Turkey in four weeks, but you’ll be long gone by then.
    Stay safe.
    Cheers Tony

    • Hi Tony
      It’s a complement indeed to hear you like my photos. Pity about my videos though. It just proved too hard and of course I broke the camera which didn’t exactly help!
      Where are you going in Turkey this tine?

  273. Hi Geoff,
    Thank you for another fascinating post with photos to match.
    We loved your reports on Iran and get the impression that this trip is culturally more interesting and diverse than the South American trip.
    Pity about the lack of alcohol! Even Istanbul has some alcohol free restaurants!
    Continue to enjoy yourself and travel safely,
    Muis and Menno.

    • Hi Menno and Muis
      You’re correct that this trip is culturally more interesting but frankly the South American trip was easier and much more fun. This trip has been quite bruising and very tough.
      If I had a choice I would pick S America every time!….Having said that this has been one hell of a trip and i’m glad I’ve done it but I’m looking forward to seeing Big Ben! (Actually I’m really looking forward to Paris and Merry and Fethyer and Stuart